Northeast Georgians Against Discrimination

We are a group of straight and gay members of the Athens community working together to protect individuals and families from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  We seek economic and legal equality for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender citizens through education and advocacy.

NEGAD formed last year in response to the proposed anti-marriage amendment to Georgia’s constitution. In just six months over 300 volunteers joined NEGAD, and we knocked on over 3000 doors in Athens-Clarke County.  These efforts paid off:

-  Athens-Clarke had the highest percentage of ‘No’ votes on Amendment One in the state – nearly 25% more than the statewide result.
-  We built a solid base for local action, and a voice for gay and straight people alike who believe that discrimination based on sexual orientation does not reflect our community values.

NEGAD members believe children shouldn’t be denied access to health insurance or other family benefits because their parents are gay.  We also believe a person shouldn’t be fired, denied the right to rent an apartment, or be kicked out of a restaurant or hotel simply because he or she is gay.  

Unfortunately, sexual orientation and gender identity are still used to deny these basic rights to many of our neighbors, family members, friends, and employees.

NEGAD members believe the best community is one where all of its citizens have basic rights and dignities.  Our outreach efforts have shown us that most Athens residents agree and support our mission.  

-  We are educating citizens about discriminatory measures that threaten family stability and individual rights.

-  We are working to ensure that basic protections exist for all citizens in the community.  Over the next year, we’ll be working to strengthen Athens-Clarke County’s non-discrimination provisions and to educate our local members of the General Assembly about the impacts of anti-gay legislation.  

-  We are keeping our supporters informed about actions they can take to further the goal of equality for all families and people in the Athens area.

-  Sign up today as a Member.  NEGAD members receive regular updates by email and newsletter, and will receive action alerts when important legislation is pending that will affect the community.  You will also receive notice of local events and NEGAD meetings, so you can help make a difference.  E-mail us at to join!

- Come to a meeting.  NEGAD holds monthly meetings which are open to all of our supporters.  While attendance is not required of members, it’s the best way to get more involved and to have your voice heard.  Call 706-424-2772 for dates and times of the next meeting.  We’d love to meet you!

Make a donation.  Empower us to empower others.  Please make checks payable to NEGAD, and mail to P.O. Box 503, Athens, GA 30603.  

Gay or straight, we need your help. Sign up today to further equality in Athens-Clarke County and Georgia!