NKR Products

"As a matter of fact I just brought one of the first repros, ones made ( 66 SS ) this summer at Chevelle-abration, and will tell you, and anyone else that they are nothing short of magnificent in construction, design, craftsmanship, you name it ... though most folks probably never saw the Real McCoy to compare to. I can tell you there is no difference down to every weld, metal ripple, staple... all of it. We compared side by side no less than two NOS Plenums next to this repro., and it was 100% correct and even a better fit up to the firewall than NOS."

Mike Crown
Jeffersonville, PA


"NKR Products cowl plenum air cleaner bases feature the correct dimensions regarding height and firewall angle for the rubber-seal tipped snorkel. The cut-out section of the base for the snorkel includes the support braces with the same reinforcement ribs as the originals. The carburetor seat flange is also spot welded just like the GM version; the rubber seal is stapled with identical OEM dimension staples; and the seal is taped per the original design. Simply stated, these are just like the factory cowl plenum air cleaners, but at a fraction of the cost of a used original cowl plenum air cleaner. NKR Products has replicated superb pieces of special high-performance equipment worthy of any show car or race car."
Mark Meekins
National Chevelle Owners Association
Greensboro, North Carolina
"Reproductions of the rare cowl-plenum setups are now available, thanks to the efforts of ACES Member Nelson Rudisill. Rudisill has tooled up and begun the manufacturing process, offering them (at about half the prices of NOS) to anyone interested in adding the induction system to their Chevelle, Camaro, or big-Chevy. After seeing his handiwork in person, we decided to step up and purchase one ourselves, and install it on our '69 L89 convertible. We were impressed with the appearance, the fit, and the function of his high-quality reproduction. "
Chuck Hanson
President of American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society (ACES)
and Editor of Chevelle World
Nashville, Tennessee

"The plenum ducted air cleaner you mentioned seeing in the April Resto tip is indeed a way cool unit and is a reproduction of the late sixties air cleaner that was available from your Chevrolet dealer for Chevelles, Camaros, Novas and full-size Chevrolets. We have received a lot of mail like yours, so here's the scoop. Original units are rare and finding one could cost you upwards of $4,000 for a decent piece. The reproduction you saw in Resto Tip is produced by Nelson Rudisill out of North Carolina. He has managed to reproduce the only superior quality unit on the market today. You really can't tell his from the original. Hopefully, you will see an upcoming article on the installation of Nelson's air cleaner. In the meantime, you can contact Nelson at 828-874-2335 for all the details."
Mark Lundquest
Super Chevy
Joshua Tree, California

Your work on the 68 Z/28 cowl plenum is excellent."
Jerry MacNeish
Author of The Definitive 1967-1968 Camaro Z/28 Fact Book
Eldersburg, Maryland