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Matthew Matthew Ervin is the driving force and founder behind The New York Room, a self-taught musician interested more in texture and emotion than technique.  A life-long fan of music & poetry, he always wished to spearhead a music project filled with these passions but without the boundaries, restraints and predictability of a band.  The many collaborations have done just that, keeping the music fresh and alive with stylistic consistency but without sameness. Beyond composing and arranging music, Matthew is also a recording engineer and graphic artist behind most of the look and sound of all things related to the New York Room.
Derek Derek Menchinger is a versatile guitarist equally capable with both the softness of acoustic as well as the nuances of electric, he is able to gel seamlessly inside an electronic composition as well as taking over the lead or creating just the right mood or rhythm.  He is also a gifted studio producer and engineer whose tireless and talented production is a large part of The New York Room's overall sound and success.  Derek is a seasoned studio engineer and plays lead guitar in the band Blue Dahlia.
Michelle Michelle Graf  The New York Room's first vocalist, a talented singer, beautiful woman, and endearing human being.  Michelle is capable of an incredible range and styles, with a talent for getting inside a lyric as well as delivering a beautiful siren's melody unrestrained by language.  She has a natural and unique voice, capable not only of the demands of classical music, but with the poetry of popular verse as well.  Michelle currently resides in Boston and is the voice on 1991-1995.
Sara Sara Dellinger took over seamlessly where Michelle left off, but brought with her the romanticism of the French language as well as her engaging voice.  A student of both music and language, she has the rare ability to sing both soft lullabies as well as powerful leads and has a great feel for both space and harmonies.  Sara understands both the technical and emotive qualities of the human voice and the marriage of words to a song.  Sara is the voice on The Colour Of Midnight.
Leslie Leslie Boughton was next to step behind the microphone... another student of both singing and language, Leslie can not only speak, but sing in several languages and is a talented poet in her own right.  Leslie's voice is featured on Puccini's aria O' Mio Babinno Caro from The Color of Midnight, on The Thistle In The Kiss, Inside The Dream, and Baby Blue from Courtesan, and on Welcome Christmas and the acoustic version of In Winter from the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Leslie currently sings lead vocals alongside her husband Derek in the band Blue Dahlia.
Vivan Vivan Lim is an opera singer hailing from Taiwan who spent a semester in the United States studying music.  It was during this brief sojourn abroad that Vivan and Matthew met briefly while she was singing at the local university.  Unfortunately this collaboration was short lived and only 2 songs were ever recorded, Invocation on 1991-1995 , and The Anatomy of Melancholy off The Colour of Midnight are all that time allowed for. 
Karla Karla Wescott is a multi-talented instrumentalist who can play bass, guitar, piano and violin, although Matt was never able to get her to sing.   Karla played a variety of instruments on The New York Room's first recording and has since lent her talents to other music projects as well. Karla is currently living in Portland, Oregon.
Matt Lund Matt Lund is a seasoned guitar player, classically trained and well versed in a variety of musical styles including rock and jazz, and Matt brings these influences into the fold.  His guitar phrasings make up a big part of the sound on Courtesan and the Ghosts of Christmas Past.  Beyond these studio sessions, Matt has played in a several bands of his own, including Burning Tent Revival, The Jazz Trio, The Undercats, Lovey Howell, and Six Demon Bag. Matt is currently getting his masters degree in music at Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro, TN
Cara Cara Leuirance is another talented singer in the local music scene with a soft and serene voice reminiscent of Enya.  Cara is a classically trained flutist but a natural singer with a background in Celtic/Irish folk music.  Her voice is featured on the Celtic air "I Wear Your Ring" and the melancholy ballad "Breathing Farewell's Sigh" from the CD Courtesan, as well as lead vocals on Silent Night and Winter Gardens from the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Cara's mainstay is playing flute and singing in a traditional Irish band, Whiskey Before Breakfast, but also sings alongside Leslie Boughton in Blue Dahlia.
Tanya Tanya Smith was The New York Room's last singer, brought in to tour with the band and bring the New York Room back to the stage.  During that time she also recorded two new songs featured on Courtesan. Tanya's voice takes the lead on the tracks "Frost At Midnight" and "Cuts Through The Skin (Down To The Bone). "
Amy Amy Kozak is The New York Room's latest femme fatale.  Not just another pretty face, Amy has a gorgeous, silken voice that floats serenely above the melody.  Amy sang lead vocals on 4 tracks on Courtesan including: Floatful & Remembering (the Scarlet Hours I Was a Rose), When I'm Broken, In Spite of Everything and Chasing The Horizon. Miss Kozak also sang vocals on The First Noel from the Ghosts of Christmas Past CD and on a cover of the Pixies Wave of Mutilation.  Amy currently sings lead vocals in the power pop/punk band Sylvia Trench alongside their alter-ego group Wow! Laserbeams in which Amy also plays lead guitar.
Aziza Aziza Amy Poggi is the latest siren to collaborate with Matthew and to lend her talents to The New York Room. Aziza's voice is featured on the wintry ballad Holly Leaves & Mistletoe from the Ghosts of Christmas Past CD and has already begun work on 2 new compositions for a future CD release. Aziza is an accomplished vocalist and keyboardist and sings and plays synth in the band Dendura, as well as giving voice and acting lessons when she isn't modeling or singing.

Debra Netz is a classically trained vocalist who spent many years singing in choirs and ensembles, as well as singing backup with Blue Dahlia on several occasions. She is also an accomplished florist and just a sweetheart in general. Miss Netz's voice is featured on two songs on the Ghosts of Christmas Past, on the medley In The Bleak Midwinter/All Through The Night and on O Come All Ye Faithful. Debra has recently moved to the Australian outback to set up a new life with her fiance of luck to you both!



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