Lyrics from 1991-1995



Maria, my Maria
sit alongside me
Maria, sweet Maria
stay with me

why aren't you
running to
the arms of God ?
don't close your eyes
he will close them for you
don't give into
the things they say
don't give into
that dark place
where pain hides

Maria, my Maria
sit alongside me
Maria, sweet Maria
stay with me 

The Mists Of Avalon 

deaf angel
lay your laurelled head down
on the forest blue
black bird sweeps low
circling long forgotten pools

silent shadows
of days gone by
fall from high above
light breaks the black haze
its beauty burns brightly
far up above
the forest jeweled crown

sways as you sleep
sleep wandering soul
your journey has come to an end
beneath veins of frost
six dew drops fall
the lush garden awaits your dream
the lush garden waits for your dream

deaf angel
lay your laurelled head down
on the forest blue
black bird sweeps low
circling long forgotten pools



raised hedges in the wilting grass
stalks of broken straw
barren fields and broken glass
barbed wire fence
as day breaks, a white light
shines through the fog
the sunrise climbs higher
inside the sky
raven fly, come with me

and all the long flocks of black crows
their legions wait in counted rows
and with each day their numbers grow
wait here with me in their shadow
and when the north wind starts to blow
they'll take their place and they will show
us all that they wish us to know
they'll fill the sky, they'll steal your soul

and as the locusts are swarming
you'll hear their cry, you'll feel their sting
and when the season turns to spring
the mighty raven spreads his wings
and you will hear the beacons sing
come and receive the gifts they bring
and in their claws our bodies cling
all through the skies their screams will ring


Winter Gardens

peaceful dreaming in winter gardens
cold water gleaming in icy trees
angels swimming across the skies
starlights dimming against your eyes

flowers growing in perfect circles
cold winds blowing down the leaves
bird wings brushing the morning air
remembering blushing from your stare

rainwater falling in healing waves
distant winds calling me by my name
wordless singing from mornings dew
always bringing me home to you


Blue Dahlia

the stars are hanging, shining brightly
the sky above me glows white
the tiny lights, flickering slowly
as if they were signaling me
the falling rain tenderly, gently
as though it were crying
the dew drops are beading, glisten, gleaming
the clouds are waving good-bye
the moon once hiding is rising early
the night has taken the sky

sometimes, if only it could be
once more, tomorrow
this time, if only just for me
awhile, tomorrow

remembering, still searching, deeming
as though only pretending
rendering, if only seeming
though only believing
these thoughts are fading, distant, fleeting
the past is blurring with time
voices faintly, quietly, merely
as if only seeming to be
still so clearly, peacefully, near me
though I know I am dreaming
the words I am hearing are closely guarding
those things of which no one speaks
the end we are nearing, sharing, fearing
the truths of all that we seek

belongside of everything I find
belongside of everything I hide
belongside of every reason why
belongside of every tear I cry
blue dahlia, blue dahlia
belongside me guarding, guiding
belongside me finally finding
blue dahlia, blue dahlia
belongside me outside, inside
blue dahlia


Ethereal Gloom

the funeral drum beats on
when all the feeling is gone
the curse that you have laid
these mortal hands have made
the burning sun will lie
against the shapeless sky
then buried in the sand
buried by your hands
we'll stand in heaven's fire
in flames, eternal flames
this doom, ethereal gloom

come into this cage, come into this rage
come into this fate, come into this hate
come into this room, come into this gloom
these mortal hands, this mortal skin
these mortal thoughts, this mortal sin

repeat it twice
"your words my sacrifice"
and fall down on your knees
to cleanse of this disease
the breaking moments pass
your body is free at last
your spirit rises high
into the shapeless sky


Kiss Of The Succubus

in the silence of my empty bed
I sleep with your voice and the things you said
but all of your words seem to lose their meaning
when I am left alone here dreaming
of all the dying cold, blue flowers
and all the lonely silent hours
I have spent without you here
in isolation and silent fear

in the corners of my empty heart
I keep your bones where your love held a part
and left to die, drowning slowly
like all the words that you once told me
about the sadness in your painted stare
I looked into it but found nothing there
except desire and your burning need
of desperation and selfless greed

in the stillness of my empty room
I see your ghost in a shrouded tomb
you lift your burning hands in the air
you fall to your knees in your despair
you cry in sorrow, you shout their names
but your dry tears are lost in the flames
and when it's over and your body dies
your pain's eternal and your left with your lies


I Still Hear Your Name

in the thaw of coldest winter
rage the storms of my black spring
grows the thorns in my black garden
haunts me with your suffering

in the cold of deepest water
I'll place the candles on your alter
I'll drown my body beneath the waves
and swim to you into this grave

in the chains of cruelest silence
screams the pain of oldest violence
silencing the broken dream
muffling the dying scream

in the smoke of burning embers
rise the days that I remember
float the ways that came before
and brings me back to you once more

I still hear your name
(like an open grave)


Black Light

in the black light 
no shadows will fall 
in the black light 
is darkness made flesh 
in the black light 
screams become skin 
in the black light 
dreams become wings 
in the black light 
without color 

in the black light 
we will hide all night 
in the black light 
we are safe inside 
in the black light 
we will have no lies 
in the black light 
no one will die 
in the black light 
without color


Redemption (Hangs Upon The Nails)

listen, hear me
close your eyes
close your arms around me
take my hand 
take everything 
I am dying in your arms 
don't you know that I am here ? 
like so many times before 
whisper, to me 
say you'll stay 
say you'll stay with me 
say my name 
say anything 
I am lying in your arms 
can't you feel me here ? 
like so many times before


Minion Of The Gypsies

in the tomb of my desire 
sleeps the ghost, burns the fire 
of days gone by 
the lost dominion 

she is the one with four faces 
metal wings and the traces 
of tears that dried 
she is the minion 

she needs nothing and no one 
she has seen and will become 
all that we are 
in her creation 

all we want is forbidden, then hidden from us 
she will give back what they have taken 
and break the chains 

when she reveals, when she appears 
when we are saved 
when she returns, when she is real 
when we are safe 

the palest angel of this earth 
has taken shape, has given birth 
to ways gone by 
the last dominion 

taste the curse of the gypsy 
kiss her mouth and now kiss me 
the priestess lied 
now you are forgiven 

old men and the books they hold sacred 
give into the hatred 
of feelings that died 
the trumpets have sounded


The Ruins of Athens (2nd Movement) 

a yulan, snow and sea
falls in circles over me
the many lives I have to lead
are petals falling from that tree
without a choice in destiny
the force of my heartbeats endlessly 

Celia, arise, arise to capture this day
Celia, arise, arise 

in darkness, in light
it is you that I seek
in heaven, on earth
with you I will be
in life as in death
together we will be
for love is true
and does exist
if not for all
then for just two 

existence, no truth or desire
resistance, no failure or fight
persistence, no motion, no time
injustice, no reason, no feeling
armistice, no cause to die for
reverence, no god to pray to
insistence, for meaning in all things
accordance, for peace of mind



shivering in the cold
shimmering in the calm
the still calm
someday has come and gone away
far away
beyond the space between us
lead the way
back home to you
to the comfort I have been missing for so long 

struggling to find
smothering out the last light
from the sky
someday is here and now you are gone
gone away
still I want
to finally find a way to you
lead the way
to thee today
I have been gone so long 

I am so tired
I have been looking for too long
sometimes searching in vane
someday I will find
when the search is over
I am so tired 
I am coming home


Within The Folds of Angel Wings

hear the distant, fallen angel 
deep within your dreams 
in your sleep they hear you calling 
for dark stories long forgotten 

within the folds of angel wings 
are the keys to my heart 
and the echoes of their sweet, stinging voices 
are exhausted screams in flight 

close your heart 
hide your soul 
they hear your cry 
so still 
deep within




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