Reviews of 1991-1995
"I had never heard of this band before this collection, but I am glad I did. 1991 - 1995 is 22 powerful pieces that combine medieval and modern sounds very well. There is a timeless, lost feeling to these compositions...I have listened to this disc at least a dozen times and I keep hearing new sounds from it. My favorite thing about them was that they actually have recognizable lyrics, so many ethereal bands use so many effects that you can't hear a thing -- not these guys, and the lyrics are great, too!"
(Pittsburgh Goth Fanzine)
1991-1995 CD Cover

Michelle and Matthew performing live

"The music of NYR pushes past the confines of what gets termed ethereal music. The disc concentrates highly on exploring beauty, darkness, and emotions. The New York Room has tapped that which is within each individuals mind and soul: that infinite amount of energy and power that can be unleashed. In doing so they have found a sound that is equally powerful and serene with a lyrical content that goes straight to the heart. Blue Dahlia is a favorite with it's tender composition and heavenly soaring vocals that will surely send chills up ones spine.  The instrumental selections are quite lavish and quickly paint a mental picture. Fans of early 4aD, Projekt, or even Bedazzled will love this. A disc that has gotten many repeated listens from the IPM staff and one that we highly recommend." 

(Lansing web radio/zine) 

"After a long silence, the glorious strains of the New York Room ring out once more, this time from a 22 song collection of the past four years of their work. Pure as white light, female vocals soar over chiming keyboards, stirring the strings of an occasional guitar. Imagine All About Eve grown dark and melancholy, the sound of  heavy innocence, new music for old souls."
(Chicago goth fanzine)
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending 1991-1995, it is one of the best things I've heard all year! I am EXTREMELY excited and happy to play it over our airwaves -- splendid music! Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your talent, with Dead Air -- you've found a home here." 

-Michael, host of darkwave radio program 
Dead Air WRAS, Atlanta 

"Sounds that go way beyond any concept we may have of spatial or temporal dimensions have been brought to us from The New York Room...Sad, elegiac atmospheres pervade the whole of the album, even though the moods evoked are sometimes soft and velvety; this band somehow leads us into a dreamlike world of fairies: try listening to them alone in the dark!  The thing that appeals to us most about this work are the sweet, pleasant melodies in nearly all the tracks, even though Raven, Within The Folds of Angel Wings, and Blue Dahlia all deserve to be mentioned example of excellent workmanship."
(gothic/dream-pop fanzine)
Michelle Graf
Their album, 1991 -1995, is a compilation of 22 musical creations, and is certain to win any ardent fan of goth/ethereal.  I find I cannot listen to this album enough, and each time discover additional sounds that move me.  The lyrics are reflective of the music and are liken an invocation, mirroring thoughts and emotions we've all had before and often buried in fear.  Now you can revel in them. 

(Vancover Zine) 

"This CD delivers 22 tracks of heavenly delight! You will find choir voices, alot of lyrical imagery, angelic synth oriented music, incredibly sweet and sorrowful female vocals, ethnic flavors, softly played guitar and some of the best damn poetry you'll ever read! Well crafted songs that flow and maintain lucid structure while taking you on a poetic journey. Looking forward to the follow up release."
Dark Art Volume VI 
(Milwaukee Goth Zine)
Matthew and Michelle
Michelle Graf
"The New York Room creates beautiful atmospheres for the listener to wander, created by somber instrumentals and the haunting lyrics sung in the otherworldly voice of Michelle Graf. Beautiful in a melancholy way, 1991-1995 not only seduces the listener, it satisfies." 

M.K. Ultra
(Indianapolis music zine) 

"Very interesting album featuring 22 tracks with wonderful female vocals, enchanting keyboards, and folkish guitar lines that lead us from a mystical past of faith and devotion to a present of atmosphere... sometimes rich of ambient influences. The sounds of the album are lush and harmonious and able to jump from Medieval sounds, to '80's synth, flanged bass lines, and the "cold" rhythms of the drum machine  to Folk Pop songs as well. Very good album full of passion and very well performed!"
Time Warp
(Italian Music Zine)
Michelle Graf


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