How deep have you used the camera?

I have 75 feeet of cable on mine and have had no promblem's with leakage etc....

Can it be used with a Downrigger?

I don't see why not, it's no problem adding extra length to the cable.

How much time is there in Building?

Most people report about 2-4 hours once they have all the part's on hand.

Do I have to build the Camera Board?

The Camera is shipped fully assembled and ready to mount in the housing.

How far can I see with the FishCam?

It has better resolution then a VHS Camcorder, It all depends on water clarity.

Do I need Infrared Lighting?

I tried that and it's just not bright enough to make a difference.

Can I build it with a color camera?

Yes, you could order a color camera or with the infrared at additional cost.

What kind of Tv do I need?

Any Tv with a video input will work, Wal-Mart sell's a nice 12 volt one for under $50.00

How difficult is this to build?

Easy, A soldering iron and a few hand tool's. Anyone can do it.......

How KEWL is it?

Well ya won't want to fish without it, Once you try it!!!!! Great learning tool....

How do I get a set of plan's?

Send a check for $9.95

Gary Hansen 26490 Tame Fish Lake Road, Deerwood Mn. 56444