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Special Edition

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1080 Avalanche was released December 1, 2003 and many fans snatched up the game from such retailers as GameStop, Target and Kmart. But few people know that select Wal-Mart stores received a special version of 1080, which came with a slightly alternate packaging and a bonus DVD which contained about thirty minutes of game and real life snowboarding footage, played along with music from the game. Check out the game in the photos below.

The 1080 special edition box

This is the cover. All that's different is the red sash in the lower right corner with information about the bonus DVD that's included.

Inside the box are two discs

The special edition was released in a two disc Gamecube game case. The DVD itself is a mini-dvd, packaged along with the actual game disc. Despite what many players assumed, it will not play in a Gamecube, but in a standard DVD player instead.

Close up of dvd, 'Snow Sessions'

If you'd like to obtain the Special Edition for yourself, you can either try eBay, where they pop up from time to time, or you can even see if your own local Wal-Mart still has any copies. I've been to several stores where they still have plenty left over. Just be sure to check the back of the racks as well, since the older copies tend to be pushed towards the rear.

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