Oracle Oddities
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This section is for those who don't know anything about the Oracles. If you know the names of the Oracles, you have permission from Morpheus to skip this section. Try clicking on the picture of your favorite oracle for more about them. Also, visit the Haunted Oracles Page.
Oracle Vaserius:
"Vaz", used to be the head Oracle, but has since retired, or, in the words of The Powers That Be, is "communing with Morpheus". I'm not sure what the definition of commune is, but it doesn't sound like anything *I'd* wanna do with Morpheus.
Oracle Teresias:
Teresias is the Oracle who got involved with Phoebetor, went wacko and turned into a snake, much to the delight ... I mean dismay of the community. Either way, he's no longer with us. He *is* rumored to still be among us in an alternate form, however. <G>
Oracle Uni:
Uni is the only remaining Oracle, and wears a magenta robe. She has an affinity for felines, enjoys doing Dreamspeak readings, giving long speeches, and on occasion, enjoying the benefits of a little too much Red-eye and having to crawl back to the temple. She is also, judging from past events, most likely the next robed one to go ka-boom!
Brother Echo:
Brother Echo is not officially an Oracle, but he has an oracle robe, an amulet, and oracle powers, so, he's on the page. He was lost in the Jungle for many years, and is rumored to enjoy eating spiders. He recently underwent major plastic surgery and massive doses of Rogaine to gain his new, "wise" look.

Strange Stuff
This is a picture of poor dear Brother Echo before his transformation.
Here is a picture of Vaserius, now known simply as Vaz, when he popped inworld on Kymer New Year 1997. Poor Vaz didn't even have the power to unghost in a full locale ... he's "normal" now.
Here is a picture of one of our new Mages ... I dunno what the heck a mage is, but I do know there are six *real* ones: Blue, Red, Green, White, Black and Grey. And they are all apparently clones of one another, as they all look alike except for their colors. Click on the mage to go to a page with more information about each mage. <VEG>

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