Tucked into the gently rolling hills of the northern Michigan lower peninsula, the Weagle Farm is the ideal home for Weagles - the most versatile hunting dog in the world.

The Weagle Farm is the brain-child of two of Michigan's most dedicated former dog rescuers. On a cold January day in 2005, Weimaraner rescue received a call about some Weimaraner mix puppies needing rescue. The sire was a blue Weim, the dam a petite young Beagle, and the young family was living outside in the cold. Unable to find a foster for these mixed pups with purebred Weim rescue, the Relinquishment Coordinator contacted an all-breed rescue who said they had room for the Weim mix puppies.

Truly Scrumptious with her five-day old female Weagle babies - Ganache, Mousse, and Truffle

When Chris (the Weim rescue coordinator) and Noofies (the all-breed foster home) saw the beautiful mixed-breed puppies, they realized they had something very special snoozing away in the nest box with their beagle mama Truly Scrumptious. Over the next few days, the puppies began to exhibit some incredible skills - even though their eyes weren't open yet, the puppies were crawling out of the nest box and exploring their environment. They were able to follow a trail of formula - only about a foot at first, but by the time they were a week old they were able to follow a formula trail 6 feet! What noses these babies had! Such determination! And talk about tenacious - several times Noofies had to lift Truly out of the nest box when the puppies were nursing and they refused to let go! Those puppies clung to the nipple as though they were glued to it.

When discussing the puppies' progress and their amazing early talents, Chris and Noofies realized the Weagle puppies would grow up to be incredible hunters. They'd have the nose and stamina of the Beagle, and the intelligence and superior trainability of the Weimaraner. From a practical standpoint, Weagles would be easy keepers - they wouldn't require as much room as Weimaraners, and they'd be more eager to please their handlers than Beagles. With their short, plush coat in three color varieties (chocolate, silver, and blue), they'd be attractive companions as well. Voila! The idea of the Weagle was born.

The two rescuers were already working out the details of the Weagle breeding business when one of the dogs in Weimaraner rescue came back to Chris from his foster home. Still intact, as he'd needed a little fattening up prior to neuter surgery, Smokey Joe Geronimo was a sweet, handsome young male rescued from a puppymill. Probably as a result of poor breeding, Smokey had very short legs; though Smokey Joe is conformationally incorrect for a Weimaraner, Chris and Noofies realized Smokey's short stature made him absolutely perfect as the foundation stud for the new Weagle breed.

Smokey Joe Geronimo

The next time Truly Scrumptious came into season, she was bred to Smokey Joe and produced a litter of 7 Weagle babies - a chocolate male, a silver male, two black females, two silver females, and a chocolate female. When the Chocolate Drops (Truffle, Mousse, and Ganache) were of breeding age they were bred to Smokey Joe Geronimo, and between the three they produced a total of 16 beautiful Weagle puppies. The third generation bred true-to-type, and the Weagle was established

The Weagle is recognized by the CKC, and all Weagle puppies are registered and sold with papers. Weagles raised at the Weagle Farm are carefully bred and lovingly hand-raised inside the house. Puppies receive the benefit of Biosensor training from day 3 of life until day 14. They are handled frequently, and socialized with other dogs, cats, people of all ages, sizes, and genders. They are conservatively vaccinated, fed a high-quality home-prepared diet, and receive holistic treatment as needed. Weagle puppies receive obedience training from the age of 6 weeks on, and are started on tracking and birding by the age of 8 weeks. Weagle puppies from the Weagle Farm are intelligent, stable, loving companions and amazing hunters. They are well worth the purchase price, which begins at $2,500 for a pet-quality pup and ranges upward to $10,000 or more for a started hunter.

If you are interested in purchasing a Weagle puppy or adolescent or if you have any questions about the breed or how our dogs are raised, please contact 2retiredrescuers@theweaglefarm.com