Daniel Henry Ohnmeiss
Charles E. Ohnmeiss
Cameron Edward Ohnmeiss s/o Raymond F. and Hilda (Calvert) Ohnmeiss
Mabel Ohnmeiss d/o Daniel Henry Ohnmeiss
Raymond F. Ohnmeiss s/o Charles E. Ohnmeiss
Ida (Ohnmeiss) Harbach
Russell Harbach s/o Ida (Ohnmeiss) Harbach
Hilda Marie (Calvert) Ohnmeiss w/o Raymond F. Ohnmeiss
Updated: January 18, 2009
Welcome to Ohnmeiss Family Genealogy website. The site first appeared in the Fall of 1998. It
was part of America On-Line's "Hometown" webpage site until AOL removed that feature from their

The research of the Ohnmeiss family name started in 1975 and there is a lot of information about
the people with this surname. The goal of this website is to share information about the research.
We hope you are a visitor who discovered this site from one of the many internet search engines
out there. And, we hope that you have something to contribute.

The bulk of the research originates from Clinton county and
Lycoming county, Pennsylvania,
United States of America where
Jonathan Alexander OHNMEISS settled. There is also
information regarding the descendants of his oldest son,
Daniel Henry OHNMEISS and his wife
Clara Anna WREN who moved from Clinton county, Pennsylvania to Jamestown, Stutsman
, North Dakota. Daniel's photograph is in the top left corner of this page. His daughter's
photograph is at the top right corner of this page.

The Ohnmeiss families of New York and Ohio have also been big contributors to this web site.
And of course, let us not forget where it all began . . .
Wangen, Germany.  There will be some
genealogy information about our Ohnmeiss ancestors across the Atlantic Ocean too.
Note: Wangen is the small suburb of Stuttgart
(Württemberg) not to be confused with Wangen in
the bavarian Allgäu.

Some variations of this name are:

( The "ß" is the German letter for the hard "S" sound. )

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