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Most of the information below originally came from Dezbaz (KLOV).  His site can be found here: Dez’s Crazy Kong Alca bootleg Site

Crazy Kong Schematic

Alca 2pcb Crazy Kong Pinout: 

This is actually the standard Falcon Crazy Kong pinout taken from the schematics above.  It appears to be the same pinouts as the board I have.  In the dedicated cabinet wiring, I have matched the colors on the connected crossings.  The schematic states that pin 8 is the video ground, but as you can see in the dedicated cabinet, the wiring shows it being tied together with the speaker and coin ground.

After some fine tuning of my JAMMA adapter, I have jumpered pin 4 parts (Speaker GND) to pin H(4) solder side (Video GND) on my adapter.  It seemed to resolve a staticky looking picture issue.  Pin 8 (H) is tied to the 3 grounds at pins 1-3 and A-C on the board.  I'm assuming this is the correct wiring for the speaker also, as I can hear very soft sounds coming out of it.

I have recently gotten a Crazy Kong cabinet with the Falcon board in it (same pinout as the Zaccaria dedicated).   The pinout to the Alca board is exactly the opposite as the dedicated.  If you were to flip over the 36 pin connector, the pinout is the same and can be tested in the cabinet.  So I have reason to believe, if there is a cabinet wired for the Falcon Crazy Kong, you should be able just to flip over the adapter (Falcon parts side to Alca solder side, and vice versa) and the Alca board should work fine.

Falcon Pinout                Dedicated CK Wiring

PCB Pictures (Click on pic for larger size):

Top (2 pics):

Top pic  Top pic


Top pic

Repair Logs:

(I am by no means an electronics engineer.  I've been collecting arcade games as a hobby for more than 20 years, but have never done any arcade pcb repair.  The information below is my stumbling through trying to get this board to work correctly.)

I’m now beginning to wonder if this is the ALCA Crazy Kong board or the Donkey King board.  The eproms I have on the board, when checked with ROMIDENT appear as this:

Eproms 1,2,4,6 are Alca Crazy Kong on the bottom board.
Eproms 3,5 are unknown.
Eprom 7 (Top Left) – Unknown
Eprom 8 (Top Left Center) – Unknown
Eprom 9 (Top Right Center) – Donkey King D7
Eprom 10  (Top Right) – Unknown
Eprom 11 (Bottom Left) – Donkey King D9
Eprom 12 (Bottom Center) – Donkey King D10
Eprom 13 – (Bottom Right) Kong 13 (Brazilian Version)

This is a youtube video of what the game does with the roms listed above.  I have just hooked up the grounds (3), +5v, video connections (video ground to pin 8) to test the board out.  Please notice in the title screen it states Crazy Kong:

I have now changed out the roms and tried to fix all the unknown versions with what MAME has.  ROMIDENT states that the donkey king and Crazy Kong roms are not universal, but I'm not sure what roms Donkey King uses in spots 7 and 8.

Eproms 1-6 are correct on the bottom board with MAME.
Eprom 7-8 are the Alca Crazy Kong roms.
Eproms 9-13 are the Donkey King roms.

Youtube video of problem now after installing the roms.  Please note in the title screen it now says Donkey King, as well as the models for the Jumpman, flames, barrels, Crazy Kong, and Pauline are all now missing:

Shortly after shooting the video, I cleaned and reinstalled the Z80 CPU and all of the proms. 
I also swapped RAM at position 5a and 5c, as well as 5h and 5j.
I also placed the samples roms in positions 7 and 8 (uppermost left, and upper center left ROM positions but no change to all 3.

Well it's funny what happens sometimes with electronics, but I've fixed the major issue with the garbled text all over the screen.  When testing the TTL chips with a multimeter, and the eproms for continuity, I actually removed #5 and #6 to verify some traces.  When re-installed them, and scratching my head as to what to do next, I wanted to just check out things one more time.  So it appears that either EPROM 5 socket, or EPROM 6 and its socket needs replacing.  I still have the missing sprites from Crazy Kong / Donkey King, and the missing graphics from jumpman, barrels etc.

As I was standing in front of the screen blown away, it made me start wondering about the original chips.  When I shot the first video, I had all the graphics for jumpman, and the barrels etc.  It was only when I added the missing donkey king eproms when the sprites disappeared.  So I wondered what would happen if I replaced the eproms and have it back to the original way I got it.  (I didn't replace eproms 7 & 8 due to being the sound samples.)  Much to my surprise, I got the sprites back, and the board was "still" fixed, and now just missing the Crazy Kong model.  I also had the title screen change back to Crazy Kong.  What's strange is, the graphics eproms #3 and #5 are unknown in MAME, as well as the top right EPROM on the top board.  The bottom right EPROM is the one for the Brazilian version Kong (on galaxian hardware).

Game is fixed 100%.  The RAM at 5a was bad.  I replaced it with an AM93422PC 2101 equivalent.  So I'm not sure if the actual 2101 was bad, or it was just drawing too much power for that circuit and wasn't working correctly.

I was having an issue with the sound on the board as well.  CrazyKongFan on KLOV recommended for me to put my ear right next to the speaker, as these boards require an external audio amp, or possibly my audio amp section on my board is not populated.  So, the sound is working, but very soft, which means I have the ROMS in the top left, and top left center of the board in the correct locations.  Thanks CrazyKongFan!!

I hooked up an external amplifier to the game, and put it in my Falcon conversion cabinet.  I had sound (still the issue with the corrupted graphics for kong) but played all the way through to level 2!  There's just one more bug, then the board will be 100%.

Technical Notes:

Bottom Board Chip 5P (74LS02N) links to Video Sync.

Crazy Kong MAME Rom Differences:  Same color highlight shares the same rom with another version.
CK Rom Differences

Audio Amplifier:  If your board did not come with an audio amp populated, and your sound section works, all you have to do is hook up pin4 parts side to the amplifer neg/ground, and then the pin4 solder side to the amplifier's signal/pos input.  Hook up a speaker to the amp (can just use one channel if you have a stereo amp) and voila, you'll have sound!