One Man's Korea

Oscar Koch Jr.

was born in 1929 in Ann Arbor Michigan. He lived in a little town called Dixboro just outside of Ann Arbor all his life in the same house and when he got married he moved only about 400 yards away from that house, building a home of his own in what used to be the West field of his father's garden. He enjoyed vacationing on a lake 250 miles north of his home, but other than that there was only one time he ever went away from Dixboro, when he was in the Army. This is the record of that grand adventure. Oscar was an artist and photographer. He had his camera with him all through his travels and took a great many more photos than I can share here. And each of these photos had a story behind it. He wrote extensive captions on many of these photos. I have included his comments next to the picture on which I found them. Oscar had a dry earthy sense of humor and was not above using some off-color language. He worked as a radio operator in the army due to a skill he learned in Boy Scouts, Morse Code. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table at night waiting for dinner to be served and relaxing after a day of work, and from his mouth would come a series of dits and daas. When I was younger I used to ask him what he was saying. I never got a response just more dits and daas. When I was older I told him I was going to learn Morse code so I could understand what he was saying. He just chuckled. I never did learn. But that was my Dad! He passed away at the very young age of 47. He was the president of an Advertising Company that he had founded with his partner Chuck Pardon. He knew people so well that sometimes it seemed like he was psychic. He was a very successful man, whom everyone loved. He had no aquaintances, only friends.

I would like to hear from any of his old friends from the military days. Those of you who knew him in Korea or Japan. I've met a few of you, Paul Binkley being the one I know best. I would also like to hear from anyone who recognizes any of the places or people in these pictures and can tell me stories about them. I will publish these stories on this website in hopes of creating a true historical document about these years. I Welcome hearing from all Korean War Vets whether you knew my Dad or not. This conflict is one that is often overlooked. My goal is to make this webpage into not only an historical document about the War in Korea, but also a tribute to ordinary men like my Dad who fought there.

E-mail Me Please, I look forward to hearing from you.

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