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This space covers two main areas of interest: Geocaching & Cooking
And check out the progress of construction on Our "Little Tow" teardrop camper.

OuttaHand Geocaching

consists of my wife and myself. We've been enjoying this sport/hobby/obsession since about 1999 when I was introduced to it by my boss

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Why the name "OuttaHand"?

In the mid-80's I built up a nice 4x4 Ford for the street and mud racing. As was common in those days, I wanted to put a bug shield on the hood with and "name" the truck.

About that same time there was a movie out called St.Elmo's Fire which starred (among others) Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe's character had a line at one point that was: "College was pretty outtahand. In life, there's just no way to be outtahand."

That struck a chord with me as I was in the same point in my life. It also sounded like a great name for a 400 HP mud truck and the name stuck. Since then I have used the name as various userID's at different web sites. It seemed natural to use it here, too





My history in Geocaching

I used to be into things like cars, trucks, snowmobiles, etc. but in the late 90's I had surgery for a brain tumor which left me legally blind. At that point the state of Wisconsin figured I should no longer operate several-thousand-poound machines on the roadways. A major hobby was gone.

My boss at the time had a case of knick-knacs on the wall. I asked what they were about and he told me about geocaching. Sounded interesting! I had an old GPS so we gave it a try.

That very first caching attempt was a miserable failure. The old GPS lost signal in the woods, the bugs were biting, and it started to rain.

When we returned home from that trip, I hit the discussion boards to see what others were using. Then I hit eBay and a week later a Garmin 76 was in my hands. We found many caches with that one before adding a Garmin Rino 120 to the list of toys and I use that one to this day.

I had been using a Palm Centro with Cachemate to go paperless but I have since gotten the iPhone 4. I use the GC.com app for geocaching which means you can use the phone's internet connection, internal GPS, and internal compass to search for, navitage to, and then log geocaches all directly on the phone. One big downfall with this plan, though. If you're in an area with spotty cel coverage, the setup doesn't work well. The internal GPS seems to count on triangulation with cel towers to get its fix. No cel service = poor accuracy or even no ability to navigate to the cache. Therefore, the Rino remains the #1 Geocache-finding tool in our toolbox.


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