Mrs. Brenda Overholt
Math Department
Franklin County High School
700 Tanyard Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151


Prerequisites: C or better in Algebra 1 TA
Preparation for: Algebra 2 TA

CONTACT INFORMATION: Parents or students are encouraged to contact me for conferences or homework help in the following ways.  Contact information is also on this website.

  • Email me at either of the above addresses. 
  • Call me at home at 483-7863.
  • Call the school at 483-0221 to leave a message.
  • COURSE OVERVIEW: The study of geometry includes properties of geometric figures, trigonometric relationships, and reasoning to justify conclusions.  Methods of justification will include paragraph proofs, two-column proofs, coordinate proofs, and verbal arguments.  A spiraled development of formal proof involving inductive and intuitive approaches as well as deductive axiomatic methods will be used.  The course includes emphasis on two- and three-dimensional reasoning skills, coordinate and transformational geometry, and the use of geometric models to solve problems.  A variety of applications and some general problem-solving techniques including algebraic skills will be required.  Calculators, computers, graphing utilities (graphing calculators or computer graphing simulators), dynamic geometry software, and other appropriate technology tools will be used to assist in teaching and learning.  Students will take the state SOL test for Geometry near the end of the course and will receive the geometry credit required for graduation.
    I. Points, Lines and Planes  8-9 days  2,3,4
    II. Conditional Sentences
        Reasoning and Proof
    1-2 days
    5-6 days
    III. Parallels and Transversals 7-8 days 2,3,4
    IV. Triangles  9-10 days 6
    V. Triangle Inequalities 4-5 days 5
    VI. Polygons 6-7 days 9, 10
    VII. Similarity 5-6 days 3, 7
    VIII. Right Triangles 8-10 days 8
    IX. Circles  6-7 days 11, 12
    X. Area, Surface Area, Volume 6-8 days 13, 14

    CLASS MATERIALS: Our textbook is Glencoeís Geometry (2012).   The textbook is also available online with login information from me as well as on a CD.  A 3-ring binder is required for notes and homework.  Students are allowed and encouraged to use calculators at all times. A TI-83 or TI-84 Plus can be borrowed from the school after parents sign a letter of responsibility to return it, but students should consider purchasing their own to have one available for non-math classes.  Only certain calculators are allowed to be used on the SOL test, so please check before buying any calculator other than a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus.  Students may not put non-school approved programs on borrowed calculators.  A borrowed calculator will be supplied with one set of new batteries per semester if needed, but additional batteries are the studentís responsibility.

    TUTORING AND MAKE-UP WORK: When absent, Geometry TA students are expected to check with me or a classmate or my website to learn the day's assignment and to keep up with the class, if possible.  Students need to arrange to make up tests, quizzes, or labs the day they return from an absence, but be aware that our school policy requires an absence to be properly documented by a note from home before make-up work can receive credit.  Tutoring is available any morning before school by 8:00 AM, and students are welcome to stop by as needed.  Iíll also try to stay after school one day per week; students who stay after with me should have a plan for a ride home by 4:30.

    EVALUATION PROCEDURES: Points will be given for all assignments (5), tests (100), quizzes (20-100), and notebooks (50).  Extra credit must be earned from the Geometry Problem of the Week (see important information on the website).  The number of points received will be divided by the number possible to determine the grade.  The final grade will be the average of the two semester grades. The SOL test is given in place of a final exam with extra credit for those students who pass it.  Because this is a T/A course, an extra .5 is added to the student's grade.  For example, an A is worth 4.5 points instead of 4.0.  Students who earn an advanced pass the SOL test have 2 points added to their final average.

    *Important note to parents: It is my policy to inform students of their current averages the next day after a test or quiz.  Students always know their level of achievement.  Please ask your student or me whenever you want this information. Parents can also login to Power School to see their student's grades at any time by getting a password from their student's guidance counselor.

    NOTEBOOK EXPECTATIONS: Store all notes, homework, tests, quizzes, handouts, or worksheets in the notebook chronologically.  Everything should be dated.  Notebooks will be evaluated with a quiz each nine-weeks.
    l. Start each day with the date and objective which are written on the board as the title for the day. 
    2. Keep all notes and practice problems neatly in the order given.
    3. You may use pen or pencil, write on front and back as you choose, and you don't have to start a new page each day.
    4. Homework should always be done on a separate sheet from notes in case the assignment is collected.  Label it with date and page numbers as well.
    5. Here are some sample notebook quiz questions so you will be prepared:
     --what was the objective on Dec. 3?
     --what was the answer to p. 63, #21 from your homework on May 1?
     --write down the third question on the quiz from chapter 6.
     --name one telephone number listed on your syllabus
    6. You may clean out your notebook each nine-weeks, but good students will save necessary notes and important handouts like the course syllabus.  Extra credit is given for turning in tests and quizzes at the end of the course.

    1. To be prepared to work when the bell rings. (Includes being in seat, quiet, and attentive when the bell rings)
    2. To bring all necessary materials to class including pen or pencil, homework, book, notebook, and calculator.
    3. To participate in class activities until dismissed by the teacher. (Includes taking notes, being on task, following directions, and moving around the classroom only at approved times)
    4. To take care of all personal needs before coming to class. (Includes going to the bathroom, using the phone, getting water, having blue-slips signed, and getting materials from locker)
    5. To arrange to make up all missed work the first day back from an absence.  It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact to schedule make-up work, but the teacher determines when this time will be within 5 days.
    6. To respect the rights and property of others. (Includes refraining from the following: verbal and physical abuse, vandalism, inappropriate touching of others, disrupting the learning of other students, talking during announcements or individual work times, and taking property of others)
    7. To understand that all school rules apply in this class (especially no hats are allowed to be worn by males or females)
    8. To be on time for class.  Tardy students will be kept after class for a conference for the first two tardies per nine weeks. For the third or fourth tardy, lunch detention is assigned.  Students with more than five tardies will be sent to the office immediately where they will then be sent to time out and counted absent from class.  A student is considered truant, not tardy, after 3 minutes.

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    January 2012