Starlight Yahoo! Group New User Signup Help

Web Access Signup

This webpage is meant to help those who having problem with getting messages on a consistant basis from the Yahoo! Groups.  So,  I have done step by step screenshots of signing up on Yahoo! Groups as a NEW user.  If you have any question email me from my main webpage.  I have put a red circle on each image around the specific item I am talking about.  I resisted making the images too small for obvious reason of not being able to make out the screenshot.  Just click on the link to view the screenshot.

1.  Open your web browser and go to Yahoo! Groups.  Look at the top of the page for the New User? Sign Up line and click on that link.  Signup Page 1

2.  Click on that link will take you to the webpage where you put in your Yahoo! information.  This is where you will pick a Yahoo! ID and specify the email account you want to use.  Signup Page 2

3.  Still on the same webpage...  Do NOT check the Yahoo! Mail checkbox.  Signup Page 3

4.  Further down on that webpage you will see a field called under the heading of If you forget your password there will be a field called Alternate email.  Put in the email address you want your group emails delivered to.  Signup Page 3a.    

5.  After you are done with that webpage you will be present with the confirmation webpage.  Signup Page 4.

6.  Next you'll have to open your email program and check the email box you specified in your setup of Yahoo! Groups.  Click the link I have red circle to confirm your email address and activate your Yahoo! account.  Signup Page 5.

7.  You will get a webpage that you've been verified.  Signup Page 6.

8.  Next you need to open your web browser and go to Starlight Astronomy's Yahoo! Group.  Once that webpage open there is a button on the right side that says Join This Group!Signup Page 7.

9.  On the next webpage you want to verifiy that the email address is in fact the email address you want group messages delivered to.  Signup Page 8.  Verify the rest of the information and click Join! at the bottom of the webpage.  You will be sent a message from one of the Starlight Astronomy moderators once your membership has been approved.

Listserve Signup

To Join the mailing list ONLY:

I highly recommend you join a group via the group page (above).  However, if you are familiar with mailing lists, you may join only the mailing list for the group. If you choose this method, you will NOT have access to all of the group's web features (Photos, Files, Links, Polls, Calendar.) In addition you will not have access to the My Groups page, where you can easily manage all of your memberships and email messages.

To subscribe to a group's mailing list via email, send a blank email

To unsubscribe to a group's mailing list via email, send a blank
email to:

Please substitute starlightastronomy in the above where it says groupname.  I did this to prevent email 'harvesters' or 'bots' from trying to join the group via email.  You will receive a confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your subscription will be complete.