I figure I'd do a webpage on the progress of my imaging setups over the years.

Here's one of my first setups.  10" f/6.3 Meade LX200. SBIG ST-237A.

The next setup was my LX200 on a permanent pier using a SBIG ST-2000XM.

and next was an 'observatory' around it...  LOL!

It was rather ....   small.... but it served its purpose.

I filed for divorce and ended up selling the LX200 for something more portable.
I ended up with a Orion Atlas EQ-G that is an excellent performer.
It was a great portable setup and I had a lot of fun using it.

I added the Astro-Tech 8" Imaging Newtonian to my setup in February 2010.
It's a great scope performing scope.  I also bought a new QHY9M camera.
This image was taken at Cherry Springs State Park in
Potter County, Pennsylvania.

I had a new observatory built in May 2011.  You can fit THREE of my old observatories
inside it!  Now,  that's funny!

This is my current imager.  It's a SBIG 8300M with a
8 position filter wheel (FW8-8300).  It LRGB and HA, SII and
OIII filters installed.  The high resolution Moonlite focuser
that I installed in the spring can be seen in this image.

There's a place to relax with the wife or friends.  I was in the middle
of installing my CGE Pro when this image was taken.  That's why the
scopes are on my chair.

Another view of the warm room.  The scope is straight through the door.
Skunk Hollow is my old observatory.

This is another view of warm room.  It has heat... :)  I also covered the
windows to keep any stray light from the scope area.  The window covers
can be removed quick should the need ever arise.

My CGE Pro after I installed it.  In this image, it
hasn't been polar aligned yet.  That's why the Meade is the only
scope on the mount.  It is a very robust mount with a 90 lb
weight capacity of scopes and imaging equipment.  The CGE Pro
alone weighs 86 lbs.  Custom pier plates were made by a
friend.  I designed the CGE Pro's pier plate so that
it could be taken off and the pier was ready to install my Atlas
EQ-G with minimal hassle if I ever needed to.
The Atlas EQ-G has become my portable setup again.

This is my customized pier plate.  It looks a ton better
than the pier plate I had at my Skunk Hollow

This image was taken after I had just got done
imaging M81/M82 at 1 a.m.  The scope is a Astro-Tech 8" f/4
Imaging Newtonian.  The reddish square is my camera.

Here's is another view of my imaging setup.  You can see my
guide scope (red scope) on top of my Astro-Tech scope.
The camera is more visible in this shot.  I have a side by side
dovetail that I'll install shortly.  I wanted to keep it simple
because I just switched mounts.  I was getting familiar
with the mount.  My Meade 8" SCT will
eventually be riding tandem with this setup.

This is my setup as of May 2013.  The Astro-Tech has been
replaced by a carbon fiber version.  It has the same specs...  8" f/4.
I also finally mounted the SBS saddle on the CGE Pro.
In this image,  the CGE Pro is carrying all of my imaging gear.
It looks pretty cool.  The CGE Pro is carrying 1/2 of what it's
capable of carrying.  Everything balanced with 44 lbs of