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The Wonder Dog!!

Service Dog Extraordinare!

Biskit was adopted from a great semi-local 'no-kill' shelter.

When a Service dog was Prescibed for Bec, we did a search for Psychiatric Service Dogs, and Service Dogs in general. We came up with a plethora of links to agencies that train service dogs, but NONE that train Psychiatric Service Dogs. We became dejected after being turned down time after time for a service dog through many different training agencies!

Eventually we found information on self-trained Service Dogs. We considered this our only option as we do not have the funds needed for hiring a trainer. We did find a fairly local training consultant, Marilyn Pona, who spent nearly two hours on the phone with Nick assuring us that Self-Training IS possible for most people and a large percentage of well-mannered dogs. At this information we were highly hopeful, and began setting out feelers for an obedient well mannered dog who had been raised in a caring family and whom needed a home.

Amongst the many sites' forums we posted to, we found PetFinder.com. After about 5 days we received a reply from a volunteer at an animal shelter near us, she had included a photo and a description of that dog. We fell in love with the picture and the dog's circumstances pulled at our heartstrings. We decided to visit 'Mary Jane' even though the shelter was 1.5 hours away!

We met 'Mary Jane', she was a great first impression, she craved our attention and even did some basic obedience even though she was sooo excited to have visitors. We wanted to bring her home that very day, but couldn't due to shelter policy they did 'hold' her for us so someone else wouldn't swoop in and get her before we could return. Three days later, the soonest possible day, we picked her up and immediately began her training by giving her a new name to go with her new job. With that, Biskit was born!

That very day she was emersed into socialization, something we have since realized she was previously deprived of as well as any play activities, she did so well in public and on leash when compared to other dogs we had previously been around. Since that first day Biskit has been nothing short of absolutely fabulous!

Biskit has made all the difference in Bec's life, allowing her the confidence and sometimes distraction in public that enables her to function. Biskit has become such a focus that we have conducted more searches about things for her and training techniques, that our favorites folder is now BULGING with info! Biskit continues refined training and ongoing learning, and we have begun to outfit her the best we can to suit her job.

The first priority was to get her vest which was made by Wolf Packs, we found at SitStay.com a great little online store for pet lovers'!

We then decided that due to our cold weather warranted some special gear, so Nick designed a simple fleece coat for Biskit. The Next item on our purchase list is some dog boots, we've seen several styles in wide-ranging prices. We have our peferences for which ones we'd like to get but haven't decided which to get, mostly due to cost! Once we get them we'll attach our brand link.

Many people approach us in public mostly exclaiming how beautiful Biskit is, quite a few inquire as to how the training is going since they automatically assume that since the handler isn't 'VISIBLY' disabled that she isn't disabled at all. This outlook can be quite frustrating as it causes a lot of Anxiety, which is the PRECISE reason why Biskit is needed (anxiety disorders **many** severe)!

An Invisible Disability is STILL a Disability!

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