Ko6kL 3.845Mhz New faster Code jhill @ Yahoo . com
 k7EK Live SSTV photo's 1  K7ek SSTV photo's 2  K7EK photo's 3 K7EK
Tacoma / Seattle,Wa.
 Ko6kL Live SSTV photo's 1  ko6kL SSTV photo's 2  Modesto / Cantral California photo's 3 Ko6kL
 W6DJL Death Valley Live SSTV photo's 1  Live SSTV photo's 2  Live SSTV photo's 3 W6JDL
Death Valley ,Ca.
 Ae6Jn South California  Live SSTV photo's 1  AE6JN SSTV photo's 2  Southern California SSTV 80 meter photo's 3 AE6JN

 Ve6pw Far North sstv webcam  Ke5RS Texas sstv webcam
Ke5rs Cam list
 WD7F Live SSTV & reflector room 24-Old bloated
Dreamweaver html code.
25-Please ask 26-to be listed here nc7j DX packet-cluster node
Whats a DX DX Packet Cluster Node

3.845~ Mhz.
Webcam's after dark
SSTV Modes used scotty DX / mp115 / mp140 etc. .

Not recommend on 80metr Scotty2,Martin2

To be listed on the 80m sstv webcam page please contact Brad ko6kL by email ...
jhill_81 ( at ) yahoo . com
or contact over the air on 3.845 LSB Slow Scan TV after dark...

This picture/URL should automatically update every ~90 seconds.i think
If not hit your F5 key to reload the page

Thanks to JE3HHT's MMSSTV and John KE5RS for the free software!


The SSTV & ATV Ham WebRing
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I have no control over what people transmit.
If I'm not near the computer to vet a picture when it is received,
it will be posted to the website automatically
Content of transmitted pictures is the responsibility of the sender.

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