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14.230Mhz USB
Slow Scan TV
Web-cam s
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 wb9kmw Op Larry; Appleton, WI
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* NEW * Views 14.23 Current Band  live ham sstv for this amature radio band

my LOW POWER FM community  radio photo's Ham Radio Operators
are needed to help build Community FM stations.

3.845 ~ Mhz LSB
( 80 meters SSTV After Dark )
Amateur Radio
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Thanks to JE3HHT's MMSSTV and John KE5RS for the free software! ..
*SSTV Disclaimer:
I am not at the controls of my radio 24/7, and if a ham decides to send a photo with nu d ity, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted.
Hopefully this won't happen very often at all.

The responsibility rests entirely at the station which transmits such pictures.

AE6JN wins best WorldCam view

If you want to know why your PG&E and MID bills are so high look Here
Stanislaus County Home to Westley,Califronia

& The worlds largest tire fire

Working For Peace, Justice, and A Sustainable Environment : STANISLAUS CONNECTIONS

  Working 15 metter SSTV DX with je1pnz
Working 15 metter SSTV DX with je1pnz

Brads new site ValleyMedia.Org

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It should be noted that President Bush's 2004 budget
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