And Some Of His Descendants

(Copied from manuscript by Leonard K. Hatch, of Harrisville, New Hampshire, published in 1850)

(Copy made at Seventy-Six, Mo., January 25, 1919 by Miss Etta Worsham.)

(Copy made at Seventy-six, Mo., May 20, 1952 by Jerry S. Klobe)

(This copy made at Murray, Kentucky, March 17, 2001 by Patrice Klobe Hudson)



Most of the history and events recorded in the following pages relating to the first three generations, was obtained from a manuscript written by Moses Hatch of Danburg, Ct. in May, 1816, for the benefit of his own children. From that record it appears that there were then living in Kent, Ct., one Jethro Hatch (a grandson of Benjamin Hatch hereafter named) in the 94th year of his age. Moses Hatch took his father, then in his 81st year, and paid this venerable Jethro Hatch a visit for the purpose of taking down from mouths a history of his paternal ancestors. Notwithstanding their advanced age their memory was quite perfect and so accurate was their recollection of events and dates, that when he came to refer afterwards to other papers and documents he never discovered a single mistake even to a date.
As to our ancestry it may be gratifying to some to learn that we are descended from one of the New England Puritans, through a line of Ancestors who without exception were virtuous men. Although none of them could boast of immense wealth, yet none were very poor; none were ever very mush distinguished in life, yet all were beloved and respected by their neighbors and the community; all lived to an advanced age and all have been uniformly Puritan in principle.
At the time of the first settlement of New England, those by the name of Hatch were said to be very numerous in the Mother Country, but from the fact that we are unable to collect any information earlier than about the beginning of the 16th Century, we may thoroughly conclude that they were generally ranked among the middle class of society; the narrators above mentioned recollect having heard the name of one or two mentioned, in their boyhood, who were in some public office in England. Joseph Hatch emigrated from England to this country shortly after the Plymouth Company. Jethro Hatch thought he came with the next company of emigrants that settled in Massachusetts and of course he might have arrived in the year 1626, but probably not for several years afterwards. In what part of England Joseph Hatch was born and lived previously to emigrating I have never learned, not at what age he left, but probably he was young, although he was married. His wife was a native of Wales and in all probability was a farmer’s daughter. Joseph was bred a mechanic, a tailor by trade. The motives that induced our ancestors to the land of their nativity may be easily conjectured, as the nonconformity of the Puritans subjected them to many grievous vexations in their native country.
Sometime after his arrival Joseph Hatch purchased of the Indians the whole of the original township of Falmouth, situated on the Northeast part of Vineyard Sound, in Barnstable county, Mass. Here he settled, lived and died at an advanced age. Of the lands thus purchased by Joseph Hatch he afterwards sold one half; the remaining half I am told stands on record to his heirs at law, and as there is no evidence that they alienated it, it is more than probable that the only title, to the greater part of it at least, of those who have occupied it since, is acquired by possession.
Joseph Hatch left three sons - how many daughters is not known. The names of the sons arranged according to seniority were: Joseph, Benjamin, and Jonathan. From one or the other of these it is believed all of the name of Hatch in the United States has sprung, unless possibly a few within the past century have emigrated to this country; although there have been none to the writers knowledge. All of the three above named sons settled Falmouth. Joseph was born in 1652 and was a farmer and a man of considerable property. He left ten children; Joseph, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Barnabus, Lydia, Amy, Ruth, Joanna, Elizabeth and Rebecca. All of these children survived him fourteen years and many lived to old age. He died in 1736 at the age of 84. I shall be obligated to pass by his brothers Benjamin and Johnathan as I know but little of those two branches of the family, except some two or three facts - as for instance, Jethro Hatch who was living in Kent, Conn., in the year 1816 at the age of 94 was a grandson of Benjamin.
As the name Joseph was quite common in the family, to avoid confusion I will number them; 1st, Joseph who emigrated to this country; 2nd, Joseph the father of the aforementioned ten children; 3rd, Joseph, the oldest son of Joseph II who went to Tolland, Conn. He died at Falmouth at the age of 62 - went there probably on a visit and was not able to return.
Ichabod, his brother, also removed to Tolland where he lived and died. He was born October 12, 1691, and his wife Abigail Weeks was born January 1st, 1692. They had 8 children:

Zerviah Born October 5, 1715
Joseph " August 15, 1718 (according to one record 1717)
Judah " November 11, 1720
Justus " October 20, 1722
Abigail " March 27, 1725
David " September 24, 1726
Ruth " August 15, 1729
Ichabod " October 26, 1732

Ichabod, the father of these children, died at Falmouth (?).
Ebenezer, brother of the above mentioned, remained on the homestead at Falmouth and was a man of handsome estate for those early times. He lived a bachelor until he was 40 years old, then married a wife of 24 who bore him ten children. He died at the old mansion house in Falmouth.
Barnabus, the youngest brother (who was the grandfather of Moses Hatch), was born at Falmouth February 1704. He married Abigail Lassel; by her he had two sons and one daughter - Thomas, James and Lydia. In 1735 he married a second time, his wife being Phebe Cushman Spooner; by her he had one son, Nathaniel and five daughters, three of them died young. The survivors were Abigail and Elizabeth.
Barnabus Hatch toward the close of his life became a man in thriving circumstances; he erected the old farmhouse in 1765, which his son, Nathaniel occupied and repaired about 1815. He died October 25, 1781, in the 78th year of his age. His wife died May 31st 1790, age 87.

The following brief sketch is the principle part of what I have been able to collect concerning the daughters of Joseph II.
Lydia married a man by the name of Gifford, a Quaker.
Amy married a captain Delano of Tolland, Conn.- had 7 sons and several daughters, three of whom married men by the name of West, and one a Captain Noah Grant, who was supposed to have been killed by the Indians in the French War.
Ruth married Samuel Swift, the ancestor of the Swift family in Kent.
Joanna lived and died single.
Elizabeth married first a Mr. Skiff, the ancestor of the Skiff family in Kent by whom she had six children; and for her second husband a Mr.. Lassel, by whom she had one child.
Rebecca married a man by the name of Berry, the ancestor of the Berry family; they moved to Kent where she died.

I now proceed to give an account of the children of Barnabus.
Thomas was born in 1728, married Lydia Fuller and settled in Kent near his father. He had ten children (the Hatch number), eight of whom survived him, but only one lived in that state. Thomas Hatch died in 1776 in the 48th year of his age.
James Hatch died in his 20th year, unmarried.
Lydia also died unmarried.
Nathaniel, the first child by the second marriage, was born in Tolland, March 27, 1736. He was a man of uncommon strength, able to perform what is now considered labor for two. By the meritorious efforts of his mother who was a woman of good education, and his own diligence and perseverance he acquired more solid learning than many young men nowadays with far superior advantages. He attended school but three months, his instructor being Josiah Sherman, the father of honorable Roger M. Sherman. On May 22nd, 1776, he married Mary Cass, daughter of Moses Cass, a farmer of Warren. They had 9 children; three died in infancy. Of the remaining six, two were sons, namely; Moses and Barnabus. He died in 1821 in the 85th year of his age. His wife survived him 4 years.
Moses Hatch, son of Nathaniel just spoken of, was educated at Yale College studied the profession of law and settled in Danbury, Conn. He died September 20, 1820, at the age of 40. He left a wife and ten children - three sons and seven daughters; three of the daughters are dead. The oldest son died about 1842 at the age of 37, leaving a wife and two children. The youngest son has been a sailor for several years, and officer on a Whaling ship. One of the daughters married a man by the name of Wildman and resides in Danbury at her fathers old home.
Barnabus Hatch, son of Nathaniel , had nine children, concerning whom little is known. (Barnabus is living at the time this sketch was written.)
One daughter of Nathaniel Hatch , a Mrs. Belden, settled near Greenwich, New York.

We have now traced down one branch of the third generation, viz.,; Joseph III. I will now go back and take that of his brother, Ichabod.
His oldest son Joseph who will be called Joseph IV was born in Tolland August 15, 1718. He married Sarah Stearns, born in 1721; lived in Tolland until about 1770 when he bought in Alstead where he removed in about 1774. He had ten children (?). He was called Tolland Joseph III as there were living in Tolland at that time three by the name of Joseph, designated as Joseph, Joseph Jr., Joseph III. The first I suppose to be Uncle to Joseph III. The names of three of his children were Ruben, the eldest, Phinehas and Judah, the youngest. Joseph IV died March 6th 1802, with his son Judah age 85, and his wife Sarah died January 25, 1805, age 84.
Of the brothers of Joseph IV I can relate but little. Judah and Ichabod both died in the old French War in Cape Britton as they called it. Justus lived and died in Willington, Conn. He and Joseph were the only sons that had families. David was what they call a coaster and died in Maine. One of the three daughters married a Mr. Hover; and another (Abigail I think it was), a Mr. Gray. both lived and died Tolland, Conn.

I now pass to notice some of the immediate descendants of Joseph IV.
Ruben, his eldest son, born March 3, 1742, married Prudence Enton of Tolland, Conn. where he lived until he moved to Alstead in September, 1779. His father, Joseph gave him a portion of the land which he had purchased in Alstead. He died August 4th 1811, at the age of 69. His wife, Prudence, died September 16th 1824.
They had 9 children, viz
Prudence Born February 23, 1769
Levina May 3, 1770
Azel March 6, 1772
Eunice January 19
Jerusha March 30, 1777
Ichabod October 25, 1778
Anna July 26, 1782
Lucinda March 16, 1785
Reuben June 29, 1787

Prudence married Levi Shepard, lived in Georgia, Vt., and afterwards went to Alabama, N.Y. She died August 26th, 1843, age 74. Doctor Guy Shepard who studied medicine with Elisha Hatch of Alstead was her son.
Levina married Richard Beckwith
Azel inherited is fathers farm at Alstead, married Rhoda Williams and had 9 sons and 3 daughters, ten of whom are now living I suppose. For his second wife he married in 1836 the widow Abigail Seaverens and is now living at the center of Alstead, his son Azel Jr. occupying his farm. He served as Captain of the first Light Infantry company in town for several years and afterward of the company called Exempts. He was a representative in the state legislature five years.
Eunice married Daniel Williams, had five children and died September 24, 1801.
Jerusha, Ichabod and Anna died in childhood.
Lucinda married Doctor Thomas C. Brooks of Alstead who died in 1825. she afterward married a Mr. Eaton.
Ruben studied medicine and commenced practice in Hillsboro, N.H., going from there to Newport. He returned in 2 years to Hillsboro where he remained in successful practice until 1835 - more than 27 years. He married Lou Andrews of Hillsboro; by her 8 sons and 2 daughters, most of whom are now living in Pike County, Illinois. He married for his second wife Ann Straton of Charlestown, Mass. In the summer of 1835 he went with covered wagon and 4 horses to Grigville, Pike County Illinois, with all his family. He returned to New England in 1843, married for his third wife Mary Ann Gilmore and resumed the practice of medicine in Alstead. By this wife he had one daughter.
Eleazer, the second son of Joseph IV, was born November 19th, 1744, and married Thankful ____, by whom he had several children; among whom were: Zadock, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Lectana, Grace, ect. He remained in Tolland, Conn., a farmer, and died November 26th, 1809, aged 65 years. His wife died March 17th, 1803, aged 57 years.
Phinehas, the third son of Joseph IV, was born October 26th, 1747, married Tryphena Delane February 23, 1775; and by her had two children; Chloe and Ira. He married for his second wife Keturah Brown February 28th, 1782, and by her had four more children; Tryphena, Abigail, Persis and Dan. He died April 29th, 1818, in the 71st year of his age, and his wife Keturah died September 11th, 1822, aged 59.
Miriam, the next child of Joseph IV, was born January 29th, 1750, married a Mr. Ladd and had five children. He died and she married Joshua Crain - had two more children by the latter.

Sarah, the next child of Joseph IV, was born December 31, 1752, and married Joseph Wardner.
Zerviah, the next child of Joseph IV, born January 2, 1755, married Captain Oliver Shepard, of Alstead, had four children: William, Irena, Oliver and Patty (or Martha). Orena married Capt. Charles Webster. Oliver went to Richmond, VT. Patty married Joseph Farnsworth of Newport, NH.
Nathan, the next child of Joseph IV, born September 17, 1757, went to Cavendish, VT, and afterwards to Schuylersville, N.Y., I think. He died I am told, June 1st, 1841, aged 84, and his wife died in the October after, age 87.
Asa, the next child of Joseph IV, born in Tolland, Conn., August 15th, 1759, and removed to Alstead when 12 years old. He enlisted into the army when 17 years old; was in the battle of Bennington and some others; was present at the surrender of Burgoyne, after which he returned home and stayed with his father until about 19 years old, when he married Roxanna Delano of Alstead. (Born July 26th, 1758), lived in Alstead until March 1795, then moved to Williamstown, Vt. His wife died November 1811, after having born him sixteen children. About 1814 he married a widow (her maiden name was Jane Black) of Putney, Vt., by whom he had seven children, making in all 23 children. His second wife died and he married a widow Smith, lived with her about 14 years and died of a cancer April 27th 1847, in the 88th year of his age, having at the time of his death 114 grandchildren and 84 great-grandchildren. He was a healthy, robust, good-looking man, enjoying remarkable health - the writer recollects his saying when past seventy that he never took a dose of medicine or physic in his life.
Mason, the next son of Joseph IV, was born in Tolland August 23, 1762; he married Submit Brooks. He was a farmer in the south part of Alstead and had seven children: James, Levi, Mitty, Mason, Isaac, Sally and Willard. He died when 50 years of age.
Judah, the youngest son and child of Joseph IV, was born in Tolland October 8th 1764, and removed when about ten years of age to Alstead, NH. He married Catherine Beckwith by whom he had a son and two daughters. He removed to Bethel, Vt., I should think about 1820, where he lived till his death October 28th, 1848. His wife died February 8th, 1834.

I will next notice the descendants of Eleazer Hatch, the second son of Joseph IV. He had several children but I am not certain how many.
Zadock, one son, lived in Tolland, Conn. (?); married Caroling Holbrook, daughter of Captain Elias Holbrook of Tolland; they had several children.
Eleazer, another son, died August 10, 1803, aged 30. Grace Died October 10,1800, and Lectana died January 18, 1802, aged 17.
Jeduthan married Desire Shepard of Tolland October 3rd, 1802; he was, I suppose, the first one of the race in this country whom was a physician. He had a son Nathaniel, born at Paxton, Mass., July 3, 1802 and a daughter Zerviah, born September 23, 1805. He died October 3, 1807, at the age of 31 years, and his wife, Desire, died December 15, 1814.

I next speak of the children of Phinehas, the third son of Joseph IV.
Chloe, born January 31, 1776, aged 9.
Ira, born March 1, 1777, married Abigail Wardner about 1802, by whom he had 12 children: Azel, Emily, Allen, Albert, Rebecca, Lydia, Arvilla, Alanson, Rhoda, Ranslow, Ann and Juliet. He is a farmer and lived in Alstead, moving from there to Mendon, Vt.
Tryphena, born February 29, 1784, married William Cheny; had a large family of children and lived in Newport, NH.
Abigail, born November 18, 1775, died October 4, 1786.
Persis, born September 25, 1787, died April 21, 1803.
Dan, born July 18, 1792, married Elmira Kingsbury of Alstead, by whom he had three sons and two daughters; Leonard Kingsbury, Persis Brown, Mary Philena, Cyrus Phineahas, and William Cheney. Persis, born February 26, 1818, married Whitney Breed of Alstead; two children. Mary Philena died July 3, 1853. Cyrus Phineahas, born February 3, 1825, graduated at Castleton Medical College and is in practice in Peru, Vt. William C. born July 24, 1828, lives in West Springfield, Mass. Leonard K. born November 12, 1816, married Sarah L. Cook of Fort Ann, NY, April 18, 1842, and has one child, Elmira Marion born March 1, 1845.

I have not been able to gather any information in relation to the family of Nathan Hatch, fourth son of Joseph IV.
Of the family of Asa Hatch, the fifth son of Joseph IV, I obtained the following from his son William of Williamstown, Vt. Nancy, the first child, born March 15, 17__, married John Darling of Williamstown, moved to Morristown, VT., had eleven children.
William, the second child, born June 24, 1782, married Elsa Thompson of Williamstown, formerly from Alstead he has had twelve children, six of whom died in infancy. Of those living, William 1, born August 6, 1812, married Margaret Doughty of Illinois, lives in Indiana, has had five children. The second child W. Elsa, born June 26, 1816 married Luther Newcomb. The third child, Chloe, born February 12, 1819, lives single. The fourth child, Hyman, born November 28, 1822, married Sarah C. Tilden of Barre, Vt., has two children. The fifth child, Hial, born June 16, 1825, married Mellisa Tyler of Randolph, Vt., has one child. Lastly, Harry, born August 20, 1828.
Roxana, the third child of Asa, born September 12, 1783, married Joseph Woolcott of Williamstown and had four children.
Luther, the fourth child of Asa, born August 14, 1785, married Hanna Emerrill - moved to Ohio - had nine children.
James, the fifth child of Asa, born April 27, 1787, married Betsy Lewis; now lives with his second wife. He has had twelve children of these I know nothing except the oldest daughter married James W. Briggs of Williamstown, and his oldest son Henry, married Elisa Jeffords.
Oliver, the sixth child of Asa, born January 22, 1791, married Almira Graves, who soon died, and he married his second wife in Ohio.
Mandana, the seventh child of Asa, born September 12, 1792, married James Cochran (or Coffrin) of Williamstown had eight children. Her husband died and she married John Fisk of Notthfield.
Chloe, the eighth child of Asa, born March 22, 1794, married John D. Dickinson; had four sons and one daughter. (One son, Gideon, was a dentist in Milford, Mass., in 1870).
Sanford, the ninth child of Asa, born August 27, 1795, married Sophia Lewis of Williamstown; had ten children, five of whom were sons.
Asa, the tenth child of Asa, born December 23, 1796, married Matilda Hutchins of Canada and moved to Ohio.
Alva, the eleventh child of Asa, born August 6, 1798, married Laura Burnam, had 8 children. His wife died and he married Maria Gates of Chelsea, Vt. He married for his third wife widow Swallow of Barre, Conn.
Alanson, the twelfth child of Asa, born March 18, 1800, married Bethana Brown of Waterville, Vt., they have eight children.
Sarah, the thirteenth child of Asa, born September 25, 1801, married Alfred Smith, and had five children. He died and she married Edward Welsh and had six children. They live in Woolcut, Vt.
Larkin, the fourteenth child of Asa, born September 25, 1801, married Rebecca Ferrin of Brookfield, Vt., had 7 children and moved to Ohio.
This makes out all the children by the first marriage who lived to adult age. By the second marriage there were 7, two dying in infancy, which left three sons and two daughters. The sons are in Illinois; one of them is married and has children. Both the daughters are married; one lives in Johnson, Vt., and has four children.

I next give what I have been able to collect relative to the descendents of Mason Hatch, 6th son of Joseph IV.
James, born May --, 1787, married Elisa Kelly; lived in Surry, NH; had 3 children; Mason, Lucy, George and an infant that died. His son, Mason, born March 18, 1817, married Mary Ann Breed; have three children, George married Louisa Evans of Alstead.
Mitty, Married Levi Dort of Gilsum and they live in Illinois.
Mason, born March 3, 1791, married Apphia Andrews of Hillsboro; had eight children; Emily T., Abigail A., Leonard, Saras S., who married Samuel C. Baldwin of Newport, NH and has four children, Laura F. married Dexter Richard of Newport and have two children. The other children died young.
Isaac, born October 30, 1795, married Phila Hammond of Gilsum; had four children; Philena P., George H., Mary V., and Emily Frances.
Sally, the 6th child of Mason, died young.
Willard died at the age of 23.

The following is in relation to the children of Judah, the sixth son of Joseph IV
Lynda, born Feb. 25, 1790, married a Mr. Tiffany of Randolph, VT.
Alvin, born May 22, 1792, married Sally Stevens of Newport, NH and had one child by her but it died young. He then married Mary Fairbanks of Francestown, NH and had one son, James, and one daughter, Mary A.
Hial, born July 14, 1794 married and has children.
Judah Jr., born January 17, 1796.
Catherine, born April 11, 1799.
George S., born February 3, 1802, married a daughter of Major Webster of Alstead and is a farmer in Bethel.
Henry, born March 26, 1805, living in Woodstock.
Philo, born March 6, 1808, also in Woodstock.

The following is a broken sketch of the children of Anzel, son of Reuben Hatch and grandson of Joseph IV.
Lina, born August 20, 1794, married Hazen Emerson of Alstead; had several children.
Elisha, born July 17, 1796; practiced medicine in Alstead; he married Sophia Kingsbury and had five children; Sophia, Harriet, Emily, Mary E., Frank Elisha.
Ichabod, died in Infancy.
Ira, born November 5, 1800, married Mary Vitas of Alstead; has three sons living.
Philena, died in infancy.
Luther, born February 5, 1804; went to Michigan soon becoming of age; his first wife lived but a short time, and he married Laura Kidder of Alstead.
James Crombie, born May 28, 1806, went to Illinois, married Charlotte Kidder of Alstead.
Jeduthan, born June 26, 1808 has never married.
Leonard, born July 3, 1810; married Dulcina Kidder of Alstead.
Phlena, born July 9, 1812; married William F. Cook of Kingsbury, NY; has several children; now lives in Whitehall.
Reuben, born July 3, 1814; graduated from Oberlin College, ordained Congregational Minister. With some friends he went to Michigan, laid claim to township, named it Olivet, and established a college of the manual labor system, with his health being impaired he was obliged to return to New England. He married Almira Kilbourne of Hudson, Ohio; is now settled Windom, Vt., and has two children, the oldest, Reuben, born October 11, 1847.
Azel Jr., born December 9, 1816; married Mary F. Worcester of Stoddard, NH., and has one son, Herbert Charles, born October 9, 1843.

The following sketch related to the children of Doctor Reuben Hatch, grandson of Joseph IV.
Seth Challis, born November 9, 1810; married Mandana Bizby of Hillsboro; have seven children; Oliver, George, Abby, Elizabeth, Arthur, Lucy, Alexander, and Heber.
Isaac Andrew, born September 13, 1812; married Lydia B. Baxter; moved Griggville, Illinois; has tow children Abby Ann and John Franklin.
Ozias Mather, born April 11, 1814; lived at Griggsville, Illinois.
Sylvanus, born November 11, 1816; married Sarah Fessenden of Griggsville, April, 1845, they have one son, Mason, born May 1846.
Reuben Benton, born May 16, 1819; is a merchant at Meradosia, Morgan County, Illinois; married Ellen D. bush of Pittsfield, Illinois, November 1846; they have two children, Maria, born in 1847 and Lucy Andrews, born ? 19, 1849.
Rebecca, born August 20, 1821; died April 7, 1846.
John, born January 11, 1848
Franklin, born March 21, 1825; is a farmer in Griggsville, Illinois.
Lucinda Chase, born May 27, 1827; lives at Griggsville, Illinois.
George, born November 28, 1831; died March 16,1836.
Lucy Ann (his only child by his second wife), born January 5, 1845.

The following is the substance of a letter from Miss Lucinda Hatch of Hindale, NH, June 1850:
"My grandfather, Edmund Hatch, was a farmer, lived in Marshfield, Mass., and died about the commencement of the Revolutionary War. My father’s name was Edmond, he lived in Marshfield, was a farmer. he joined the Army at the Commencement of the Revolutionary War and remained until close. He married Hannah Lapun of Marshfield, by whom he had three sons and five daughters. My father had two brothers, Noah and Crowell, and two sisters. My eldest brother, Lemuel, died a the age of 32 unmarried. My second brother, Edmund, died at the age of 21. My third brother, Nathaniel, went to North Leverett, Mass., and was a blacksmith by trade; married Malinda Mack of Westmoreland, NH. He died September, 1848, aged 69. Polly Hatch, my eldest sister, married Sabin Johnson of Lyman, NH., and died in 1838 at the age of 74. They had eight sons and two daughters. Lydia, my next sister, married Mr. Jude of Northhampton, Mass., had five children; only one now living. Lydia died at the age of 44. Hannah, my next sister, married Daniel Farr of Chesterfield, NH., had four daughters and died at the age of 33. My youngest sister, married Daniel Martin of Springfield, VT."

The following I received from Elisha M. Hatch of Mantague, Mass., a nephew of Lucinda who wrote the preceding:
"My father, Nathaniel Hatch, had six children; the sons names are Elisha M., William A., and Ephraim P., all merchants at Montague, Mass. The names of the daughters are: Alfreda, who married a Mr. Snell of Montague, Emeline, who married Mr. Morse of Sunderland, Mass., and Milanda, who married Mr. Bixby of Reading, Vt., now of Leverett, Mass. Elisha M. Hatch has two daughters, Mentoriah Vilona and Romelia Malinda and one son, George Walton."

The following is an account of the descendents of Sanford, ninth son of Asa Hatch. He married Sophia Lewis of Williamstown, Vt., October 7, 1818.
Sanford Hatch was born August 27, 1795, at Williamstown, Vt., died May 16, 1877, in bureau county, Illinois. Sophia Lewis Hatch was born August 10,1799, in Williamstown, Vt., and died at Lighthouse, Illinois, about 1881. The following are their children:
George Sanford, born January 17,1820; married Emily Lewis; died September 18, 1844, leaving two children.
Barna Lewis, born April 6, 1822; died March 5, 1879.
Sophia Lewis, born November 11, 1824; married Aaron Kinsman May 25, 1843; her husband died February 11, 1900.
Lucy Ann, born October 20, 1825; died April 12, 1826.
Elizabeth Ann, born August 7, 1827; married Albert G. Scott, November 22, 1849 and died September 26, 1852. No children.
Mary Jane, born November 12, 1836; married Ira Seaver October 6,1857; she died July 17, 1874, and he died July 15,1878.
Alonzo Perry, born March 21, 1830; married Clara McKinstry July 14, 1859; died at Oregon, Illinois, September 19,1899.
Nancy, born February 11, 1832; married Lucius Kinsman August 4, 1853; she died July 21, 1881.
Lucia Caroline, born June 6, 1840; died June 16, 1840.
Philo Melville, born March 6, 1843; married Ann M. Lyford, November 24, 1868; he died ?

The following are the children of Sophia Lewis (Louisa) Hatch and Aaron Kinsman:
Martha, born April 10, 1844; died April 21, 1844.
Sarah Elizabeth, born May 20, 1845; married October 24, 1867, to Joseph A. Mercer to them were born the following children --.
Clara Louise, born June 11, 1874; married June 1, 1898, to Frederic R. Avery who died Fe
February 16, 1906. Their children are Elizabeth, born March 30, 1902, and Frederic Mercer, born September 14, 1903.
Edith Hamlin, born December 28, 1875; married September 15, 1903 to Frederic B.
Rosebrook. They have one child, Helen, born February 4, 1906.
George Sanford, born March 22, 1847; married November 19, 1874, to Mary Dennis. The
following are their children --.
Nora Louise, born December 6, 1876; married October 24, 1899 to David L. Killen;
the children are Donald, born March 14, 1901, Dorothy Louise, born August 15, 1902,
Barbara Nancy and Bernice Mary born December 10, 1907.
Raymond, born November 4, 1878
Barna Lewis, born January 6, 1856; died in 1873.
Ann Emily, born December 20, 1860; died April 9, 1863.
Henry Clay, born October 26, 1863; married Rebecca Jane Sherer; the following are
their children:
Mercer Harold, born May 22, 1892
Doris Ann Louise, born June 7, 1896.
Charles Gordon, born December 14, 1898.
Hattie Louise, born March 11, 1899

The following are the children of Jenny M. (Mary Jane) Hatch and Ira Seaver.
She was born July 17, (*note, previous date was recorded as November 12), 1836, and died in
Quincy, Illinois; July 17, 1874. Mr. Seaver was born in Washington, Vt.,; September 20,
1835, and died in Quincy, Illinois; July 15, 1878. they were married October 7, 1857. Their
children are:
Arthur A., born in Manlius, Illinois., May 1, 1860; married April 3, 1905, to Mrs. Kate A.
Lucia R., born in Manlius, Ill., June 4, 1861; married June 8, 1884, to John Milton
Grayam, born November 15, 1886; died July 12, 1903. They had one child:
Leslie Seaver Grayam, born November 15, 1886; died July 12, 1903.
Nellie J., born October 3, 1862, in Manlius, Ill.; married October 7, 1884, to David F.
Humphreys. Their children are:
Harry Paul, born September 30, 1885 at Sheffield, Ill.
Seaver Sanford, born May 29, 1887.
Robert Hatch, born October 9, 1895.
Anna I., born in Sheffield, Ill., October 28, 1865; married November 7, 1893, to Robert R.
McCree. They have one child
R. Donald, born November 29, 1894.

The following are the children of Nancy Hatch and Lucius Kinsman:
James Watson, born July 29, 1854
Albert S., born January 23, 1856
Charles, born July 29, 1858.
Fannie Ellen, born May 2, 1862.

The following are the children of Philo M. Hatch and Anna M. Lyford:
Jennie S., born at Sheffield, Ill., February 7, 1870; died at Osborn, Mo., November 14,
Winifred S., born at Jamesport, Mo., November 4, 1874; married June 24, 1903, at
Osborn, Mo., to Lathrop C. Stokes; they have on child
Roxanna, born at Craig, Mo., July 2, 1905.
Barna L, born February 14, 1878, at Osborn, Mo.,; married January 24, 1901, to Myrtle B.
Cornmors; they have one chilld:
Philo M., born at Enid, Okla., July 1, 1907.
Luella J., born at Osborn, April 19, 1880.
Lyford Barna, born at Osborn, September 13, 1884; married Bessie M. Poe, at St. Joseph,
Mo., October 24, 1908. They have one child:
Lou Wynne, born at Osborn, August 18, 1907.
Nettie L., born at Osborn August 18, 1887; married at Peoria, Ill., October 24, 1907 to L.E.
Peterson of Julesburg, Colo.

Phylo M. Hatch, the father of the above mentioned children, was born at Williamstown,
Vt., March 6, 1843, served in the 66th regiment, Illinois Voluntary Infantry; discharged in
1865 at Springfield, Ill. He read law with Judge Francis Cloak at Waukegan, Ill., and
graduated in law department of the Chicago University in 1867.

The following are the children of Alonzo Perry Hatch and Clara L. McKinstry:
George Sanford, born in New Ipswitch, NH., March 30, 1860; married Jennie (Martha
Jane) Wilkinson McPike of Perry County, Mo., (Seventysix) August 20, 1885. Their children
Alonzo Earl, born at Seventysix, Mo., March 18, 1887; married Stella Barber (born at
Brazeau, Mo.), January 7, 1914. Their children are:
Ruby Jane, born June 16, 1915 at Trinidad, Colo.,
George Robert, born February 19, 1917 at Brazeau Mo.
Alonzo Jr., born December 31, 1918 at Tucumcari, NM.
George William, born at Seventy-Six Mo., July 18, 1888; died August 12, 1889.
Sanford Wilkinson, born at Seventy Six, Mo., March 18, 1891; died September 11,
Harriet Winifred McKinstry, born February 16, 1894; married George Klobe, and had
3 children. they are:
Jerry Sanford Klobe who married Lawanda. And adopted two children: Mary and
William Dale Klobe, who married Jane Luttrell May 13, 1961, and Had four children:
Karen Denise (born March 1, 1962), Patrice Marie (born June 12, 1963) George
Robert (born October 15, 1965) and Julie Ann (born March 12, 1968)
Karen Married Jimmy Glenn McKay, and had 8 children: Alyssa Nicole, Aaron
Kyle, Shawn Nathan, Stephen Lee (died before birth), Scotty, Malynn, Mary Beth,
and Rose Marie. Patrice Married Michael Hudson May 27, 1989 and had two
children: William Thomas (born July 8, 1990) and Karen Cecilia (born Feb. 13,
1993). Julie Married Eric Schuchardt, and had three children: Philip, Nathan, and
John Paul.
Martha Patricia Klobe.

Genevieve Elizabeth, born March 7, 1897.
Hattie Sophia, born in Enfield Center, NH., August 27, 1861; married Merritt Eugene
Taylor (born at Lighthouse, Ill., June 24, 1857), June 20, 1895. They have one child:
Dorothy, born at ceres, Calif., November 20, 1901; died 1910.
Mary Winifred, born at Marlow, NH, September 25,1863; married at Oregon, Ill., to Dr.
Wilford Murry Wilson, April 7, 1892. They have two children:
Wendell Hatch, born at Memphis, Tenn., January 30, 1895
Kenneth Mason, born at Milwaukee, Wis., April 20, 1900.
John, born February 2, 1869, at Lighthouse, Ogle County, Ill; March 27, 1869.
Louis A., born August 6, 1870, at Lightouse, Ill., died October 22, 1870.
Alice Louisa, born at Lighthouse, Ill., June 17, 1872; married Robert Neil Clover (born in
London, England, July 28, 1870.), October 21, 1895. Their children are:
Dorothy Winifred, born at Chicago, January 24, 1898.
Willis Hatch, born Chicago, February 10, 1902
Robert Neil Jr., born at La Grange, Ill., December 19, 1904.
Miriam Clara, born at La Grange, Ill., July 2, 1906.
Florence Clara, born at Lighthouse, Ill., October 11, 1874; married Edward Hall bowie
(born March 29, 1874) Annapolis, Junction, Maryland), at Memphis, Tenn., December 12,
1895. Their children are:
Helen McKinstry, born in Dubuque, Iowa, September 7, 1898.
Margaret Lowndes, born in St. Louis Mo., November 20, 1903
Carl Paul, born at Milledgeville, Ill., March 6, 1876; married Mary Nesbit at Cherokee,
California, on June 10, 1903. Their children are:
Kenneth Nesbit, born at San Diego, California.
George Sanford, born at San Diego, California.