What do I think of the fact that one of our ancestors was the daughter of a Bavarian Count? It doesn’t surprise me too much. I guess I never did tell you that some number of years ago I had a genealogist trace our family origin. I gave them the name "Klobe" and they had a hard time finding any trace of the name before 1490. It had been changed to "Kloba" around that time. It was 2 or 3 years before I heard from them again.

They said while searching out another name in the Coathardie Historie which were recorded by scribes who were taught by Monks to record all important documents and write certain decrees which were signed by Kings, Barons and Counts with their own individual seals since most of the people of those times couldn't write and therefore couldn't sign their names. But as they were searching for a seal of another name they came upon the name "Kloben" which they say was the missing link that helped them to find the family crest.

I am going to send a color picture of the "Family Crest", or Coat-of-arms. It was found in the Planches de L’Amorial in the Coathardie Historie. Nobody at the Institute of Heraldry could understand how it happened to be in the Planches de L’Amorial which is a monastery in France, but there is a possible explanation. When the name "Kloben" became a recognized surname in the 11th century (1092) they were located in the "Duchy of Pomerany". About 1095 when our name evolved the Crusades began under the direction of Pope Urban II, and the need for identifying symbols arose and these took on the form of a Coat-of-arms. Heralds recorded these armorial bearings and it was from these records that our name was traced down through the centuries.

Our ancestors were warriors during the Crusades. They were knighted by Pope Urban II and became Landowners through Land Grants by the Pope. These Land Grants were as large as a small state. Being knights and in command of a large amount of land and people they became titled and Land Barons. There were many such Baronetcies and they became Warlords, fighting battles for supremacy over the other. The tenants rose up and threw them out. Ran them right out of the Country. Our ancient ancestors were warriors and also became Statesmen. This is also indicated on the Coat-of-arms.

In the beginning the Coat-of-arms was carried as a shield to ward off the arrows of the enemies. The armor was also protection against the enemies swords, maces and battle-axes but later they were very colorful so that their friends fighting on the same side would recognize them in the heat of a battle. Later they started wearing a garment over their armor because the suit of armor heated up like an oven. The suit of armor and the helmet they wore irritated the neck and they began wearing a mantle around the neck like a muffler to keep their necks from getting chafed.

All these things, plus things called Chevrons, Argents, Gules and barbed roses gave the Institute of Heraldry clues to our name. Their description of the name was Klobe variant of Kloben. There are two lion heads on the coat-of-arms which the Institute says means they were fierce warriors against land tyrants who held the population in bondage. They fought many battles for the improvement of the tenants economic condition. A lot of land tyrants took practically everything the tenants earned with their own crops and left the tenants with nothing. Because of this they became Statesmen which is indicated on the Coat-of-arms by the Seal which is not discernable on the picture. My camera will only go down to 3.5 feet. I tried to get a closer shot of it but it was all out of focus and you couldn’t tell anything about it.

When the Pope elected them to hold positions of Honor, it was discovered that they were really Royalty because they were rulers in the Duchy and ordered the Heralds to place the three Barbed Roses on it because that means "first" and they were the first ruling family of (that is their parents and grandparents were the first, and as offspring of these people) they were members of the first Ruling Family. The offspring went off with the rest of the knights in the Crusades to fight the Romans who ruled all Germany and a lot of Europe. While the Sultans and Sheiks ruled the rest.

They called the Christians infidels and they were brutal to all Christians. Anyway, when our ancestors returned from the battles of the Crusades which lasted 30 years, they found that the tenants believing the Klobens would never return had taken over their estates, and some of the other land tyrants had taken the estates from the tenants and they had run our ancestors out of the country. The "Klobens" migrated to Prussia and changed their name because some of them were searched out and assassinated for fear they would gather together an army and come back.

As I mentioned they were fierce fighters and greatly feared for the feats of Honor performed on the field of battle. They changed their name to "Klaba". It wasn’t long before another war started in Prussia. The Klaba fought on the side of the Nobles who ruled Prussia then. They lost and had to leave Prussia. They scattered to the four corners of Germany. Our ancestors went to Bavaria and changed their name to Klobe.

The Klobes are credited by their acts of bravery in battle and their statesmanship with bringing Europe out of the Dark Ages. It says in the report that they were really a peaceful people but were forced into wars by the crude form of cultures that existed at that time. Being a peaceful people they strove to bring about a different way of life and governments. The Klobes along with the many other people with gifts of statesmanship are credited with the emergence of the Europeans from the Dark Ages. (Seems he sort of repeated himself). It is said that they were responsible for the emergence of that civilization and society from the crude, brutal culture that existed at that time which lead to the dawn of the 20th century.

The report says it is unlikely there is a Coat-of-arms exactly like ours because in the middle ages when Heraldry was a functional science, records of Arms Grants existed in great numbers and were under control of the Heralds. The shape of the shield on which your Coat-of arms has been drawn dates back to the 13th century. After the war in Prussia the Klobes as I said scattered to different parts of Germany. Burgandy is next to the French border. One of the Klobes may have gone to France carrying records of the family with him and that possibly is why the Coat-of-arms was found there. It is possible because from there the family emigrated to many parts of the world. Being a former ruling class they couldn’t stand the suppression of the Germans and gradually left Germany. It says in the report that there are still some there. There are many of the family in this country. One family in Philadelphia retains the name Kloben. Those left in Germany, mostly live around Augsburg in Bavaria.

End of his report to me.

(NOTE: Information available indicates that in 1972 there were less than 300 households in the United States with the old and distinguished Klobe name. In comparison, some family names represent over 400,000 households in the United States.)