Letter from Alice Clover (sister of G.S. Hatch) to Harriet & George Klobe

Dear Harriet and George

I am so ashamed at not answering Patricia’s good letter in Jan. I believe. It was nice of her to take the time from her busy life to write and I did enjoy it. Both she and you asked about the Hatch History. I have been to the bank vault and brought home what I found and also my DAR papers which will make it possible for her or Patricia Hatch, Lon’s daughter to join that organization if they ever wish to do so.

I have written Helen Bowie Prentiss asking her if she knows where the Hatch History that Florence compiled is. Florence spent a great deal of time and effort in the library in Washington D.C., having one authentic history and I think, had only a typed copy of it made. I have a copy of the part of it that Wilks had typed off - a chart - also one that I found among Hattie’s papers. Now I will send this all by registered mail if you want it and will surely return it. I was very proud of my father. He was a real pioneer missionary from Vermont. He felt the call to go to Illinois and sold his library that was very precious to him, and mother sold even her watch and wedding ring and other jewelry to make the trip.

They had 3 little children - George, Hattie & Winifred all under 6 yrs. As I remember their telling it - they came to Illinois and father “rode circuit” , that is he preached in several places - mostly school houses. I remember him on Sunday morning early, astride his horse with a big shawl doubled lengthwise, that was over his shoulders and came down to cover his feet in the stirrups - starting to ride to a little church 15 miles away to preach, then on to another ten or 15 miles farther to preach, then to another for the evening service and home around ten or eleven - often in the rain or the snow. After some years his health failed and he bought an 80 acre farm where we lived and he preached in Oregon 5 miles away. When Flo & I were ready for High School he rented it and bought a house in Oregon where we graduated from High School and went on to college.

George had gone to Dixon to college and Winifred and Hattie to Mt. Morris - Flo to Memphis Tennessee and Paul and I to Stanford, California. What sacrifices Mother and Father made to send us all to College. We little understood or appreciated I fear. Father was called one of the most eloquent preachers in the Rock River Northern Illinois conferences and when I go back to Oregon, many older people tell me of him and of both mother’s and father’s influence in the community.

I have a news paper clipping that I will bring whenever I see you. I do hope that I may. If I could get to 76 by bus or train from Peona I would. Ive thought of you so much - wondering and hoping that the estate has been settled and without too much strain on you. I am so proud of the way you have raised 3 splendid children at much sacrifice and I know they appreciate it. I do hope you two are in better health and able to carry on and enjoying your home and friends.

Just a short note some time in your busy lives will make me happy.

So much Love,