I Believe

by Dale Klobe, March 2002

I believe everyone has a conscience to help them discern good from evil. I believe God’s Holy Spirit dwells in everyone, and may even be in the form of a conscience.

God also has plans for each of us, according to our abilities. Each day we are faced with many choices of how to spend our time, talent, and treasure. Demands come from all sides - from family, friends, jobs, civic and charitable causes. Sometime we have to be extravagant and give the best to Jesus rather than to other worthwhile endeavors. The one practical way is in our daily prayer. We should devote a certain time of solitude to prayer, and not let anything else take precedence over our time with Jesus.

Ask any saint. Ask any writer learned in spiritual things. Ask any sinner who has reformed to the fold of Christ. All will tell you that reformation of life or transformation of character is impossible without prayer. They all know, too, of the amazing changes that occur in the life of anyone who forms the habit of intimate, heart-to-heart conversation with Christ.

One author has said that in spiritual reading God speaks to us, while in prayer we speak to God. You can be sure that you’ll speak more often and more easily to God if you give Him the opportunity to speak often to you. This is done through spiritual reading. Why not do it daily? The thoughts of God must be sought, first of all, in the words of God.

God has already drawn up the plan for our lives. We must have faith, love and trust in God’s order to receive his mercy and many graces.

Needless worry can be a sign of lack of confidence in God. If we find ourselves lacking in many needed things, remember St. Paul’s words: “Our sufficiency is from God.”