Our Great-Grandfather

Onita Klobe Winters
(4:30 a.m., September 27, 1974)
(This copy made by Patrice Klobe; July 29, 2001)

The parents of John Paul, Powlus and Savilla Klobe, were born in BYOMO, Germany in 1802 and 1803. Savilla’s maiden name is unknown. They immigrated to the U.S.A. with three sons: John Paul, age 10; John George, age 6; and Adam, who was born on the ship "Clemens" in the Baltimore, Maryland Harbor on July 25, 1840, arriving at St. Mary’s Missouri, at the age of two months.

Powlus was a successful farmer. According to the census in the Perryville, Missouri Court House in 1850: Powlus, age 48; Savilla, age 47, John Paul, age 20; John George, age 16; Adam, age 10. Powlus was a successful farmer between Sereno and Perryville in a farming area called Bumble Hook near McClanahan Creek.

John Paul married Johanna LANG (pronounced "Long")(no record of this date). To them were born two sons: George Narcis (our grandfather); born August 15, 1856 - died July 7, 1936; and John George.

Johanna Lang’s mother, Barbara Schmeisser, was a daughter of the Count and Countess of the Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany. Barbara’s parents disowned her when she married Peter Lang (or Long), who was head forester of the Schmeisser castle at Kroegelstein, Barvaria, Germany. (No record of Johanna’s death.) both are buried in the old Baptist Shed cemetery -- at that time there was no Catholic cemetery near.

After Johanna’s death John Paul married widow Ann Meyer, who had one son, Henry. To this union two daughters were born: Margaret (married Andrew "Andy" Weith); and Christine (Wadsworth after marriage). after Ann’s death John Paul took some livestock by boat to St. Louis for sale; there he met and married a "fast" woman also named Ann, who left him on the boat at an unknown boat landing between St. Louis and St. Mary’s. His fourth and last wife was Ann Eddleman; to this union were born three children: William; Alice, who married Vincent Chappius (Grandma Klobe’s brother); and Emma, who married Louis Favier.

Birthdates of the Children of
George Narcis and Mary Elizabeth (Chappius) Klobe

Henry Lawrence, born September 14, 1885; Married Neva Luckey (died July, 1972) on May 10, 1927. No children.

Joseph, born May 6, 1887, died May 26, 1934.

Emil Simon, born February 11, 1889, died July 6, 1966; Married Grace Mary Prost on May 25, 1908. They had seven children: Onita, Francis, Paul, twins Ruth and Ruby, Carter, and Vincent D.J.

Fredrick, born October 2, 1893.

George Narcis, born February 22, 1895; died February 13, 1963; Married Harriet Winifred McKinstry Hatch (born February 16, 1894) on may 23, 1929. Children: Jerry Sanford, Born December 26, 1929; William Dale, Born August 29, 1931; Martha Patricia Jane, born august 19, 1932.

Edna, born August 1, 1989.

Cora, born December 11, 1900.

Zeta, born March 7, 1905.

Curtis, born May 16, 1908.