Written by George H. Lawson, June 26, 1930

(Copied by Patrice Klobe May, 2001)

Came over from England in 1828, first settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thomas Lawson, Father of the children below was Born December 2, 1804; Died February 19, 1870; Age 66 years 2 months, Interred at Wilkinson Graveyard.Martha Lawson, mother of the children below was born June 15th, 1806; Died November 17th, 1885, at 11:00 a.m.; age 58 years. Interred at Wilkinson Graveyard.Children:

Robert Lawson, oldest child, born August 11, 1825; died July 15, 1883; Age 58 years. Interred at Wilkinson Graveyard; born in England.

Elizabeth Wilkinson nee Lawson, born in England January 26, 1827, died November 24, 1860. Interred at Wilkinson Graveyard.

Emma Levina Lawson, born April 7, 1829; died June 25, 1830; age 14 months; Interred at Cincinnati.

Sarrah Ann, born November 16, 1837; died August 19, 1939; Age 2 years, 2 months; Interred Bellfountain, St. Louis.

George Washington Lawson, born October 30th 1839; died July 21, 1839; age 9 months; buried in Bellfountain, St. Louis, Mo; Supposed to have died of Cholera Infantum.

Eliza Emma, born November14, 1846; died September 3, 1854 of Cholera; Age 7 years 8 months; buried in Bellfountain, St. Louis, Mo.

William Hird Lawson, born October 15, 1835; died January 21, 1892; Age 56 years; Buried in Patterson, Mo.

Alice Dempster nee Lawson, born January 29, 1832; died August 2, 1833. Buried at Brazeau, Mo.

George H. Lawson; born November 2, 1852, All dead but him. Age now 78 years.

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