Wheatley and other related families of

Southwestern "Old" Virginia

This Web Site is an ongoing work and any/all inputs are appreciated. Mistakes appearing here are probably the fault of the transcriber (me) and will happily be updated or corrected as information becomes available. This family is large (and currently widespread), but was once, concentrated in this area of Virginia. It includes many surnames besides Wheatley, as many generations had far more daughters than sons. Surnames involved include: WHEATLEY, DOUGHERTY, HAMILTON, SALYER(S), ROBINETT(E), KILGORE, HUFF, BEVERLY, and DOTSON, to name just a few.

The program FAMILY TREEMAKER v9.0 is being used to document this search. Our family ties are primarily rooted in Southwestern Virginia, around Wise County where various branches of our family have lived for over six generations.

Various members of our family have served their country, from the French and Indian Wars, to Desert Storm; a proud military heritage, which I was honored to share, as a member of the U.S. Air Force for 20 years, as was my wife, herself a 20 year veteran. I am currently a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, CSS Shenandoah Camp # 1820 and the Military Order of Stars & Bars, Capt. James I. Waddell Chapter 259, both of which are located in Alaska.

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