Here are some quick shots of the RV mobile setup...utilizing the S9v vertical antenna w/ the 4:1 balun. Aluminum collar plate and stainless steel mount is custom made to fit the Ford E350 chassis...

This antenna is used while our RV is fixed portable. The chassis ground is adequate but radials can also be attached for a better counterpoise. Backing up & connecting to a handy chainlink fence at some campgrounds proves to be a great ground too!


The rig is an Icom IC706MKIIG and Icom AH-4 external tuner. The random wire tap on the AH-4 was replaced with an SO239 connector to accomodate RG8X coax.


The lightweight tapered fiberglass S9v vertical simply slips down over the stainless steel mounting tube. The complete portable antenna takes less than 10 minutes to extend and hoist into place...perfect for emergency or non-emergency communications!