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Philosophy Secular Humanism

Liberal with Libertairian leanings - fiscally conservative

Favorite Sport Track &Field - Athletics
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"If you eat this toad, you'll win 100 gold pieces from me".
"Give it to me!"
Eater of the toad stops in the middle.
"I'll give you your money back, if you finish it".
"Give it to me", says the other, fearful of his money. As he is done eating, they look at each other puzzled: "why did we eat this toad?"

from  Odlomená haluz  (A Broken Bough) 1934 by  GEJZA VÁMOŠ  Slovak author  1901 - 1956


This page consists of my personal opinions. While they clearly reflect my secular humanist worldview, I do not in any way pretend that they would represent an "official" position of humanist or skeptical organizations.

Whenever I use ideas of other people, credit will always be given. When I do not know who originated the thought, I will so state. I consider plagiarism as the worst case of theft. A few photographs on this page have been downloaded from the web. The source is always listed. I am not sure about copyright, but of what I reviewed, they belong under the fair use doctrine. My webpage also contains external links for the readers' convenience to the referenced material. These I found on the web and have no relation to any of them, nor do I condone or condemn their contents.

I began working on this web page in the summer of 1998 and constantly kept adding and modifying it. After changing the ISP in 2004, I had to reconstruct the page in the html. format myself, at which time I made some changes. Most of the change is in the format. If you don't see some nonstandard fonts properly, click View-Encoding-Central European (Windows) in Internet Explorer. Firefox seems to switch to a correct reader automatically. If it does not, View-Character Encoding-Central European (Windows-1250). Chrome - Tools-Encoding-Central European (Windows-1250). I know nothing about the Mac.

You may agree with my views or you may not. An e-mail address is on every page. Send me your comments. They are appreciated, even when not complimentary. Civilized people can disagree without malice.

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