Leaves of Our Family Tree
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Early Ottoville, Ohio, Baptisms


Ottoville, Ohio, Baptisms


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Leaves of Our Family Tree

The picture (taken about 1891) on this page is of my great-grandparents, Joseph and Susanna Miller Engemann, and their five children: Theresa, Henry, Charles, Leo, and Clemens. Joseph emigrated from Ossendorf, Germany, when he was about 15. He ultimately ended up in New Washington, Ohio, where he met Susanna Miller, a first-generation American whose mother, Katherina Wurst, was one of New Washington's earliest settlers at the age of five and whose father, Paul Miller, emigrated in 1848. The Wursts were from Katzweiler, Germany, and the Millers were from Gersheim. Data was gathered from a variety of sources and with the help of many other researchers, most notably Vince Falter, Lorraine Caris, Gary and Kathy Wurst, Reinhold Kornhoff, and loads of family members I've begged for information. Check out my list of surnames of ancestors from France, Northern Ireland, Germany. These families settled in Quebec, Ontario, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, New Zealand, Australia, and more. Please contact me with errors or additions to information you see here. If you are connected, e-mail me.



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