List of the Dead in the 1622 Massacre  

Back  The List of Dead in the Massacre of 1622
Feb. 16th, 1623

Reference: "Colonial Records of Virginia", Pages 61-66, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1964, Baltimore. Originally Published, Richmond, VA: R. F. Walker, Superintendant Public Printing, 1874.

"Here following is set down a true list of the names of all those that were 
massacred by the treachery of the Savages in Virginia, the 22nd March last (1622).

"To the end that their lawfull heirs (heyres) may take speedy order for the 
inheriting of their lands and estates there.  For which the Honourable 
Company of Virginia are ready to do them all right and favour:"

At Captain Berckley's  Plantation seated at the Falling Creeke, some 66 miles
from James Citie, in Virginia.

John Berkley, esquire		John Hunt
Thomas Brasington		Robert Horner Mason     
John Sawyer			Philip Barnes
Roger David			William Swandal
Francis Gowsh			Robert Williams, his wife and 
Bartholomew Peram		Giles Bradshawe, wife and childe
Giles Peram 			John Howlet, and sonne
John Dowler			Thomas Wood, and Collin's his man
Laurence Dowler			Joseph Fitch Apothecary to Dr Pots
Lewis Williams
Richard Boscough
Thomas Holland

At Master Thomas Sheffields Plantation, some three miles from the 
Falling Creek.

Master Thomas Sheffield		Mathew_____
and Rachel his wife		Judeth Howard
John Reeve,			Thomas Poole
William Tyler, a boy		Methusalem_____
Samuel Reeve                 	Thomas Taylor
John Ellen			William Tyler
Robert Tyler, a boy

At Henrico Iland, about two miles from Sheffield's Plantation.

____Adkins                   William Perigo
____Weston                   Owen Jones, one of Capt
Philip Shatford              Berkley's people.

Slaine of Colledge People, two miles from Henrico-Citie

Samuel Stringer              Thomas Cooke
George Soldan                John Clements
William Basset               James Faulkoner
John Perry                   Christopher Henley
Edward Ember                 William Jordan

Jarret Moore                 Robert Davis
Thomas Xerles                Thomas Hobson
Thomas Freeman		     William Baily
John Allen

At Apo-mattucke River at Master Abraham Pierce,
His Plantation five miles off the Colledge People

William Charte              John Baker, a boy
John Waterhouse             Robert Yeoman

At Charles Citie, about the precincts of
Capt. Smith's Company

Roger Royal                 Edward Heydon
Thomas Jones                Henry Bushel
Robert Maurel

At Plantations next adioyning (adjoining)

Richard Prat & brother	   Richard, a boy
Henry Milward, wife,	   Goodwife Redhead
Child, and sister   

At Mr. William Farrar's House

Master John England,	   Thomas, his man
and his man
John Bel                   James Woodshaw
Henricke Peterson, Alice   Mary, a servant
His wife, William, her     Elizabeth, a servant

At Berkley-Hundred, five miles from Charles Citie

Capt George Thrope, Esq    Giles Bradway
John Rowles                Richard Fereby
Richard Rowles, wife       Thomas Thrope
And child                  Robert Jordan
Giles Wilkins              Edward Painter

At Westover, a mile from Berkley-Hundred.

And first at Cap. Fr. West's Plantation:
James English              Richard Dash

At Master John West's Plantation:
Christopher Turner         David Owen

At Capt. Nathanael Wests:
Michael Aleworth           John Wright

At Lieutenant Gibs his Dividend:
John Paly                  Richard Waineham
Thomas Ratcliffe           Benomy Reyman
Michael Booker             Thomas Gay
John Higglet               James Vpfall
Nathaniel Earle            Daniel, Mr. Dombelowes man
John Gibbes              
Willaim Parker

At Mr. Richard Owens house:
Richard Owens			One old maide called blinde
Stephen Dubo                   	Margaret
Francis, an Irishman		William Reeve
Thomas Paine

At Master Owen Macar's house:
Owen Macar			Richard Yeaw
Garret Farrel			one boy

At Master Macock's Dividend:
Capt. Samuel Macock, esq.	Thomas Browne
Edward Leister			John Downes
At Flowerdieu-Hundred, Sir George Yeardley's Plantation

John Philips	John Bradford	Samuel Jarret                  
Thomas Nufon	Robert Taylor	Elizabeth Bennet                 
At the other side of the River from Flowerdieu-Hundred

Master Hobson and his wife	Thomas Philips
Richard Storks			Richard Campton
John Slaughter			Anne Greene

At Mr Swinhowe's house

Mistress Swinhow and  Thomas	John Larkin
and George Swinhow, her sonnes	William Blyth
Richard Mosse			Thomas Grindal

At Mr. William Bikar's house

William Bykar			Edward Peirce
Mathew Hawthorn and		Nicholas Howsdon

At Weynoack of Sir George Yeardley's people

Nathaniel Elie,			James Boate,		____Hurt               
John Flores,			John Suersby,		Jonas Alpart                   
Henry Gape,			Thomas Evans,		Thomas Stephens,                    
___Buckingham,			Thomas Ap-Richard,	Samuel Goodwine                
William Pusset,			Henry Haynes,		John Snow and his                
William Walker,			John Blewe,		   Boy                
John Gray,			Henry Rice,		Margery Blewet                    

At Powle-Brooke

Capt. Nathan Powle, Esq.	Thomas Woolcher
   his wife, Dau to Mr Tracey,	William Meakins
Mistris Bray,			Robert ____
Adam Rayner's wife,		Peter Jordan
Barbara Burges			Nathanael Leydon                
William Head,			Peter Goodale       

At Southampton-Hundred

Robert Goffe, his wife		John Davis
William Larkum			William Mountfort

At Martin Brandons

Lt Sanders			2 Boyes
Ensigne Sherley               	Mathew, a Polander
John Taylor and wife                

At Capt Spilman's

John Basingthwayte		Walter Shawe

At Ensigne Spence his house

William Richmond		William Fierfax    
John Fowler			the Tinker
Alexander Bale                     

Persons slain at Martin's-Hundred 7 miles from James Citie

Lt. Richard Kean,		Richard Staples              
Master Tho. Boise,		his wife,             
   Mistris Boise, his wife	and Childe, 
    & a sucking Childe,		2 Maides            	
   4 of his men			6 Men and Boyes,                  	
   A Maide			Walter Davis &
   2 children			his brother,
Nathaniel Jefferies wife,	Christopher Guillam      		
Margaret Davies			Thomas Combar                		
   3 servants			A Man
Master John Boise,		Ralphe Digginson,
   his Wife,		   	his Wife
   A Maide,			Richard Cholfer 
   4 men-servants		George Jones,		   
Laurence Wats,			Cisby Cooke
   his Wife,		   	his wife
   2 men servants,		David Bon
Timothy Moise,			John Bennet
   his man,			John Mason 
Henry Bromage,			William Pawmet
   his Wife,			Thomas Bat       
   his Daughter,		Peter Lightburrow
   his Man,			James Thorley
Edward How,			Robert Walden 
   his Wife,			Thomas Tolling
   his Childe,			John Butler
A child of John Jackson		Edward Rogers	
   4 men-servants		Maximillian Russel
John Dary,			Henry, a Welsh-man	
   his wife,
At Thomas Pierce his House over against Mulberry Island

Master Tho. Pierce		John Hopkins
     his wife			John Samon                   
     and childe			a French boy

At Edward Bennets Plantation

Master Th. Brewood,		2 Servants
     his wife,			Thomas Ferris
     his childe,		George Cole 
Robert Gray			Remember Michel
John Griff