Green Ball PFANNEBECKER European Environs
MS Expedia dynamic Gorinchem, Netherlands and Flomborn, Germany maps.

Above map from MapQuest.

Green Ball  Flomborn-Bermersheim, Germany Environs

The above map shows the Flomborn/Bremersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland environ for the PFANNEBECKER family. Johannes PFANNEBECKER and family first appear in Flomborn/Bremersheim, Germany records in 1654 under the Germanic PFANNEBECKER surname. The French destroyed many records in the Palatine during The War of the Palantine (aka, The War of the Grand Alliance or The War of The League of Augsburg), 1689-1697, leaving many unresolved questions. It is from this rural and wine producing Rhineland Palatinate locale that the PANNEBAKKER descendants known by their Germanic PFANNEBECKER (PFANNENBECKER) surname will later immigrate, between 1695-1749, to Pennsylvania to establish the PENNEBAKER and kindred families. The Netherlands and Flomborn areas still have many PANNEBAKKER or PFANNEBECKER residents.  

Green Ball  Flomborn, Germany circa 1899

Picture of Flomborn, Germany from "The Settlement of Germantown, Pennsylvania and the Beginning of German Emigration to North America", page 122, Hon. Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker, 1899, Reissued 1970, Benjamin Bloom, Inc., New York City 10025.

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