Red Ball Greathouse Massacre
The narrative below is a graphic description of an Indian massacre of American settlers in Ohio.
Excerpt from The Frontiersmen, Allan W. Eckert, Jesse Stuart Foundation, Ashland, Kentucky, 2001, p.356.

April 5, 1791 - Tuesday

"... The final discovery - the Greathouse party of sixteen - was worst, for it immediately apparent that most had been tortured to death.

The twelve children, two young men and a young women had been stripped and lashed to trees and beaten to death with limber hickory switches which still lay on the groung nearby. The mutilation of this form of torture was dreadfful and the agonies they suffered must have been intense. All of them, down to the youngest child - a girl of about five - had been scalped. Fires at their feet had destroyed the legs and lower bodies of all... the Indians had indeed recognised Jacob Greathouse and they had reserved a very special death for him and his wife.

They had been stripped, these two, and beaten terribly with switches, but not enough to kill. What followed was simple, but not pleasant, to deduce. The ugly image of Chief Logan's pregnant sister, who had been shot (by Jacob Greathouse etal), hung by her wrist and belly slit open, had not been forgotten. Greathouse and his wife had been tethered each to a different sapling with a loop running from neck to tree. Their bellies had been opened just above the pubic hairas and a loose end of the entrails tied to the sapling. They had then either been dragged or prodded around and around so that their intestines had been pulled out of their bodies to wind around the trees asa they walked, Mrs. Greathouse had apparently died before getting much more that half unwound, but Greathouse himself had stumbled along until not only his institines but even his stomach had been pulled out and wound into the obsence mass on the tree. They had been scalped and burning coals stuffed into their body cavities before the Indians departed."


 Paul E. Pennebaker