Margaret Frances "Maggie", the only daughter of Wyand P. (II) PENNEBAKER and Annie Elizabeth Smith PENNEBAKER and the beloved sister of Fred Edwin, Marvin and Wilmer, died of typhoid fever on August 19, 1924 after an illness of five weeks and only five months after the death of her mother. Maggie was thirty years old and was buried in the Ripley Cemetery, Tippah County, Mississippi . Fred was particularly fond of Maggie. Maggie was survived by her husband of five (5) years Clifford Giles and two children, Clifford, Junior, age four (4) years and Sara Elizabeth, age eleven (11) months. Maggie was a school teacher and basketball coach. The following is a quotation from her obituary.

"Miss Maggie as she was lovingly called by those who knew her best, was one of the finest Christian characters in Ripley and one of the most popular young women that has ever lived in this town. And deserved the full measure of her popularity. She was well educated and very intelligent, she was kind and gentle and sweet to everyone. As a wife she was true and faithful and thoroughly devoted. As a mother she was extraordinary. Not only was her devoted heart filled with characteristic mother-love but she was constantly planning and looking ahead for the health and happiness and education of her children. She was a useful member of society standing out at all times for the best of everything in the social, religious and educational life of the town."

Arrow Up Prepared by Paul E. Pennebaker, 12-Mar-1999.