McAlexander Shield Clan MacDonell Badge MacDonell-Glengarry Tartan

In the McAlexander family there is not entrenched heraldric tradition. Many people assume that if their name is of Scottish origin then there must be associated clans and tartans, but that is not always true. The above heraldry has been arbitrarily associated with the McAlexander surname. McALEXANDER shield found at Bitsey BAILEY McALEXANDER's site is a modification of the ALEXANDER family arms. The McALEXANDER tartan and heraldry grouped (in the United States) with the Clan McDonell of Glengarry; Slogan: Creagan-an-fhitich (The Ravens Rock), Badge: Fraoch Gorm (Common Heath) and Motto: "The Ravens Rock". Yet another shield and tartans can be seen at the HillBilly Home Page. The McAlexander/Alexander lineage back to John, Lord de (of the) Isles, who married Margaret - daughter of Robert II, King of Scotland, is presented.



Shields from Designs of Wonder.

Arrow Up Prepared by Paul E. Pennebaker, 12 Feb 2001.