Land Patents
Source: BLM - Grants
Prepared by Paul E. Pennebaker

Green Ball  Josiah Patrick Milledge STEPHENSON's Land Patent
79.84 acres being in the E½ SE¼ - S3 - T11 - R8W, Lauderdale Co, Alabama
dated 3-June-1833

Green Ball  William McALEXANDER's Land Patent
79.95 acres being in the W½ NE¼ - S18 - T2 - R1W, Madison Co, Alabama
dated 12-Aug-1833

Green Ball  Samuel Ramsey McALEXANDER's Land Patent
160 acres being in the SW¼ - S15 - T3 - R1E, Marshall Co, Mississippi
dated 16-Nov-1840

Samuel Ramsey was the first McALEXANDER to settle in Marshall Co, Mississippi.

Green Ball  McALEXANDER, STEPHENSON and Affinity Families' Migration

McA Trek

Migration base map from Tiger Mapping Service - U. S. Census.

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