Red Ball McAlexander Origins
from James L. McLemore, III
letter dated 22-Sep-1997

"There were actually three main branches of the family in Ayrshire, or more particularly in the old Carrick District (or southern part) of Ayrshire, that part forming the old Earldom of Carrick which was the holding of Robert the Bruce before he became King of Scotland. The three branches were the M'Alexanders of Drummochrin in Dailly Parish, and the M'Alexanders of Corseclay and of Dalreoch in Colmonell Parish...."

"Also, according to the old history of Ayrshire (by Patterson, published in 1850), all three branches were interrelated, and they were all three probably branches off of the main line which descended from the MacDonalds of Keppoch, from one Alexander MacDonald, whose given name formed the basis of the patronymic used by his descendants thereafter, those who became the M'Alexanders - and eventually the Alexanders - of Menstrie and so Earls of Stirling..."

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