Pfannebecker Shield
Flomborn, Germany
Since 1677

  • Michel-Pfannebecker Home Page, German and English versions.
    Location - 18/19 Langgasse, Flomborn, D-55234 Flomborn, DE

  • A known USA importer of Michel-Pfannebecker wines is:

      Pivotal, Inc.
      13148 Raymer Street
      North Hollywood, CA 91605

    Comments from Weimax Wines and Spirits:

    Heinfried and Gerold Pfannebecker are terrific wine growers and carefully vinify their fruit in the village of Flomborn. They own less than 10 hectares of vines in the Rheinhessen and my tasting notebook was filled with positive comments when I visited a few years ago. My friends in Frankfurt are now good customers of this winery, venturing to the cellar door as the wines are well-priced and the quality is very good. When I am buying Silvaner, for example, I'm either out of my mind or the wine is pretty impressive. I found a very good sweet Riesling here, too. These fellows are now cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. They are experimenting with French oak barrels, too. I tasted a remarkable Cabernet from the barrel...dark, deep and impressive."

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    Paul E. Pennebaker
    26 Feb 1998

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