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icholas SMITH, b. VA ca 1655, is one of many SMITH progenitors in the USA. His descent is well documented from its early Virginia roots to Josiah Greene SMITH's (great-great grandson of Nicholas) family trail to York County, South Carolina and Tippah County, Mississippi where the Smith family became well established. John A. SMITH (1837-1918), 4th great-grandson of Nicholas, with his wife, Frances MOODY (1837-1899) and sons Onda Allen, Homer, Jesse T., Edd Lee and Dr. Josiah Greene "Sy" Smith moved from Union Co, MS to Blossom, Lamar Co, TX during the 1880-1890 decade. Many other SMITH family members resided in Tippah and Union counties Mississippi for many years.

Nicholas is first found in Scurry Co, VA records in March 1679 when he is witness to a deed involving N. Sessums. Nicholas witnessed land tranfers from John and Mary SMITH in July 1680 and again in May 1682. In May 1679 Nicholas married Elizabeth FLOOD KING, widow of Thomas King and daughter of John FLOOD. On 2 Nov 1680 Elizabeth filed an inventory of Thomas King's estate as Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas SMITH and relict of Thomas King (1). Proof that Elizabeth was the daughter of John FLOOD is a deed made in 1693 that states: "Nicholas SMITH and wife, Elizabeth; Thomas Lane and wife Jane, the said Elizabeth and Jane being daughters of John FLOOD, convey unto John Harrington and John Nelson, 150 acres lying near plantations of Arthur Jordan and Colonel John FLOOD"(3).

Nicholas Smith signed his will 18 Feb 1719 and it was probated 18 Nov 1719 (3). His son William, inherited the plantation and the land where Nicholas was living. Several Smiths are listed in the Virginia Muster of 1624/25 but no attempt was made to establish Nicholas' kinship nor ancestors.

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R. Smith
L. G. Chan

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Nicholas Smith
Direct Line To Annie Elizabeth Smith
1 Nicholas SMITH b: 1655 Pagon Creek, Surry, Va d: 1719 Southwark, Surry Co, VA +Elizabeth FLOOD b: Abt. 1650 Surry Co, VA m: 1679 VA 2 William SMITH b: Abt. 1688 Surry, VA d: Surry Co, VA +Ann ISHAM b: VA d: Aft. 1764 m: 28 Jul 1716 Surry Co, VA 3 Josiah SMITH b: 1728 Surry Co, VA d: Aft. 09 Oct 1818 York Co, SC +Elizabeth COLLIER b: 19 Dec 1728 Albemarle Co, VA m: 17 Jun 1753 Brunswick Co, VA 4 Rodah SMITH b: Abt. 1775 VA d: 23 Feb 1857 York Co, SC +Margaret PLAXICO b: 10 Mar 1777 PA d: 19 Oct 1854 York Co, SC m: York Co, SC 5 Josiah Greene SMITH b: 14 Nov 1806 d: 20 Aug 1895 Tippah Co, MS +Rachael JAMIESON b: 17 Oct 1814 Blairsville, York Co, SC d: 26 Sep 1895 Tippah Co, MS m: Jan 1831 SC 6 John A. SMITH b: 1837 York Co, SC d: 29 Nov 1918 Blossom, Lamar Co, TX +Frances "Fannie" MOODY b: 28 Oct 1837 MS d: 27 Jul 1899 Sylvan, Lamar Co, TX m: 05 Oct 1855 Tippah Co, MS 7 Annie Elizabeth SMITH b: 12 May 1866 Tippah Co, MS d: 11 Mar 1924 Ripley, Tippah Co, MS m. 04 Jan 1887, Union Co, MS + Wyand P. PENNEBAKER b. 13 Mar 1854 Cotton Plant, Tippah Co, MS d. 30 Jan 1929 Ripley, Tippah Co, MS


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