Red Ball Last Will and Testament
Samuel W. Pennebaker
Samuel W. Penneabker - Last Will & Testament

Recorded 17th April 1836, Test   J. S. McClain Clerk
  Wilson County Court

In the name of God Amen,

To all whom it may concern, That I Samuel W. Pennybaker of the County of Wilson & State of Tennessee being weak in boddy but of sound disposing mind & knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die & wishing to dispose of the property that God has given me in the manner & form following to (Wit)

Imprimus 1st That all my just & lawful debts be paid.

Imprimus 2nd for the love & respect I bear to my beloved wife Sally Pennybaker, I will her all my household & kitchen furniture, my stock of every kind except the Colt that a mare by the name of Cate may bring next spring, which I will to my son Wiand Pennybaker. I also will my wife my crop of corn fodder & oats cotten etc.

Imprimus 3rd I bequeath the money & notes that I now have by me to be applied to the purchase of a home for my wife Sally & children & my will is that Colonel Obadiah G. Findley take the above funds & purchase the land. The above bequeathed property I give my wife Sally during her natural life & after her decease I will the same to be sold & equal divided between my Children (Viz) Wiand Pennybaker, Polly Pennybaker, Cassandra Pennybaker, William Pennybaker, George Finley Pennybaker, Samuel Pennybaker, Edwin Ruthfin Pennybaker, & as my wife Sally is now in a family way & should she have a living child I will it an equal portion with my above named children.

I appoint Obadiah G. Findly executor to this my last will & testament hereby revoking all others. In testimony whereof I have unto set my hand & affixed my seal this 23 day of October 1835.

Signed, sealed & delivered in presence S W Pennebaker  (seal)
of Joshua Lester, Alfred Mount
Thomas Richmond

State of Tennessee
Wilson County Court
December Term 1835

The foregoing last will and testament of S.W. Pennebaker deceased was produced in open court by O G Finley the Executor therein named & fully proven by the oaths Joshua Lester & Thomas Richmond subscribing witnesses thereto & was ordered by the court to be recorded.

Recorded 17th April 1836 Test   J. S. McClain Clerk
  of said Court
(PEP note: Imprimus means in the first place.)

Estate Inventory of

Samuel W. Penneabker - Probate Inventory

December Term 1835

An amount of the sale of the property of Samuel W. Pennybaker decd. Sold 20 Nov 1835

Alfred Mount  1 pr double trees |75
Alfred Mount  1 Sheep bell |50
Major Porterfield  1 ditto |12
Major Porterfield  1 Yoke oxen 21 |12
Alfred Mount  1 Yoke oxen 35 |00
Washington Williams  1 wagon 50 |00
Robt Simpson  1 Black mare 46 |75
O.G. Finley  1 Sorrel colt 40 |00
Wilson Copeland  1 cow & calf 7 |50
Sims Maddox  2 calves 3 |93
O. G. Finley  1 Barrel |75
TOTAL $206 |43
Notes in possession of S W Pennybaker at his death.
Note on Robt Jennings due 25 Dec 1836.... $100 .00
Note on Alfred Mount due 25 Dec 1836.... $50 .00
Note on Alfred Mount due 25 Dec 1837.... $50 .00
Note on Washington Williams due 30 Sept 1835.... $32 .80
TOTAL NOTES $232 .80
Cash on hand at time of his death    $100 .00    
Total Cash & Notes $332 .80
Amount of sales added    $206 .43
TOTAL Dec 29 1835 $539 .23
O. G. Finley, Executor

State of Tennessee Wilson County Court Dec Term 1835   Last Will  S W Pennybaker

An Inventory and account of sales of the property of Samuel W. Pennybaker decd was produced in open court by O. G. Finley the executor of the last will of said deceased and ordered by the court recorded.

Recorded the 30th January 1836.  Test   J. S. McClain clerk of said court.

Agreeable to an order to the undersigned directed from the County Court of Wilson County at this Sept term, to settle with Samuel Alsup Adams (?) of Richard Craddock decd from the inventory funds by the Clerk of said Court we find the Administrator indebted this amount $235.00.

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