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The southerly migration of Weiant II/Wyand and his son Samuel and descendants and the westerly migration of Willian Harrison Pennebaker and family.

Green Ball  Weiant (II)/Wyand PENNEBAKER

Weiant II signature

yand, Sr., the last born child of Wyant (Weiant I) and Neeltje (Nelly) SELLEN PENNEBAKER, was born July 30, 1763 in Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, PA, settled in Nelson County, KY in 1787 when he had a Revolutionary War land grant, as an assignee of Jacob Myers, surveyed. He married Precious RUBY (1767-1834) there January 27, 1788. (Signature from 1788 marriage bond.) On January 8, 1793 he sold his 400 acre farm to his brother Frederick. Wyand and Precious had property in 9 different Kentucky counties and finally settled in Hickman County, Kentucky about 1833. He died there March 7, 1852 from an infection caused by kidney stones - cause of death cited as "gravel." Precious died on October 31, 1834. It not known where she was buried, but probably in Hickman County, KY. since they arrived there circa 1832. Wyand and Precious had 10 children:

 William H(arrison) (1788-1874), m. 1818, Lucinda FINLEY,
 Ellender/Ellen (1790-1870+), m. 1812, John HUSS,
 Jane (1793-1834), m. 1814, Samuel Van Meter RHOADS,
 Samuel W. (1796-1835), m. 1819, Sarah A. "Sallie" FINLEY,
 Mary "Polly" (1798-1859), m. 1817, William CLEAVER,
 Mary Ann (1800-1880+), m. 1831, Seth YARBOROUGH,
 Elizabeth (1802-?), m. 1821, Conrad HUSS,
 John (1805-1894+), m. abt. 1828, Martha "Patsy" HUSS,
 Nancy (1807-1857), m. 1837, David H. HARRY,
 Wyand, Jr. (1810-?), m. 1834, Martha "Patsy" HALL.

William Harrison, who married the charming red-headed Lucinda FINLEY in 1818, is the progenitor of many West Coast Pennebakers. Samuel W., who married Lucinda's sister Sarah FINLEY, is the progenitor of our Mississippi branch. The many descendants of Wyand and Precious RUBY PENNEBAKER have consistently maintained the PENNEBAKER surname. Wyand apparently used Wyand as his given name as early as 1785. In a Hickman County, KY indenture on September 26, 1843 the parties were Wyand PENNEBAKER, Jr. and Wyand PENNEBAKER, Sr.  Wyand, Jr. had property in Clinton, Hickman Co, Ky in the 1840-1850 period. Wyand, Sr. lived with this son as shown in 1850 Hickman County census. The Wyand given name was carried down to my great-grandfather and grandfather.


Wyand Pennebaker, Sr. deeds property to grandchildren (children of Wyand Pennebaker, Jr.), Mar 29, 1850, Delivered: Dec 16, 1850. Source Hickman Co, KY, FHL Film 0321369, page 82, Hickman Co, Ky Deeds, Vols. G-H, 1845-1853. This deed shows several pertinent facts: the name Wyand Pennebaker (Junior and Senior) is used, names of Wyand's grandchildren (children of Wyand, Jr.) and wife of Wyand, Jr. are shown and Wyand signs document with "his mark", which is first known occurrence of "his mark" signature - probably indicates his infirmity as he died two years later.

Deed transcribed as follows:

State of Kentucky, Hickman County

I Wyand Pennebaker, Sen of the county and state aforesaid on consideration of my love and affection for my three grandchildren Samuel W., Rutha P. and Maria Louisa Pennebaker make a deed of gift to them of the following property. First, I give to Samuel W. Pennebaker son Wyand Pennebaker, Jun the following property, my waggon, one young horse three years old and all of my stock of hogs marked as crop off of the left ear and a hole in the right ear. Secondly, I give to Rutha P. Pennebaker, the following property two cows and one calf, one folding-leaf table, one bed and furniture. The aforesaid cows are marked crop off of the left and a hole in the right ear. Thirdly, I give to Maria Louisa Pennebaker one red and one hided heifer two years old this spring marked as crop off of the left and a hole in the right ear, and one bed bedstead and furniture, all my cooking utensils and one side saddle. The three grand children are the children of Wyand Pennebaker, Jun and Martha his wife of Hickman County State of Kentucky. The aforesaid deed of gift is conditional as follows, that is to say that my son Wyand Pennebaker, Jun and father to the aforesaid grandchildren is to hold said property aforesaid or to dispose of the same as he may consider to the best interest of the aforesaid grandchildren. Given under my hand and seal this the twenty ninth day of March in the year Eighteen hundred and fifty.

Wyand (his mark) Pennebaker (seal) Test
G. W. Oldham
C. M. Ashley

Wyand's Brand


Wyand's Death Record
March 7, 1852 - Hickman Co, KY
Source: Hickman Co, KY, Clerk of Court, Deaths 1852-1859, FHL film # 0216827



Note variant spelling of Pennebaker surname - Pennybaker and Pennabaker.

Green Ball  Samuel W. PENNEBAKER (1796-1835)

Samuel W. Pennebaker-Signature amuel, a red head and known for his roisterous behavior, was born in Kentucky on May 20, 1796. He married Sarah FINLEY (1799-1877), the daughter of George FINLEY and Mary (Polly) GAINES, on October 4, 1819 in Mercer County, Kentucky. Samuel's and Sarah's children were:

  Wyand P. (1820-1887),
  Mary (Polly) (1822-?), m. 1. Samuel W. CLIFTON, m. 2. Charles KAVANAUGH
  Cassandra (1824-1876), m. 1842, Preston HAWKS,
  William (1826-),
  George Finley (1828-1864),
  Samuel Pearce (1830-1869),
  Edwin Ruthfin (1833-1875),
  Sarah Ann (1835-1867) born after her father's death, m. Weldon SUTT.

Samuel W. was in Mercer County, KY in the 1820 census and moved to Wilson Co, Tennessee (1830 census) circa 1825 and died there about October 25, 1835. His last will and testament was dated October 23, 1835 and his property was sold November 20, 1835. Sarah FINLEY PENNEBAKER later married Rev. John Wiseman, a missionary Baptist circuit rider preacher, in 1842 and was living with her daughter, Cassandra HAWKS, in 1870 in Wilson Co, TN. Sarah died in 1877 and is buried beside her son, Edwin Ruthfin PENNEBAKER, in the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN. Edwin Ruthfin PENNEBAKER, was the Tennessee State Treasury Comptroller from 1870-1873. Marlon BRANDO (Jr.) is a 2nd great-grandson of Samuel W. and Sarah FINLEY PENNEBAKER (Dorothy Julia PENNEBAKER 6, William John 5, William 4, Samuel W. 3, Wyand 2, Weigand 1).

Sarah Finley was a 2nd cousin of President Zachary TAYLOR and a 3rd cousin of Presidents James MADISON and John TYLER and all are descendants of the STROTHER and THORNTON families of Virginia. Sarah's mother, Mary "Polly" GAINES ancestry can be traced to Sir David GAM, her 10th great-grandfather. The name Gaines is said to have had its origin in Wales. The name became Games and still later Ganes, Gaynes and GAINES. George FINLEY, husband of Mary "Polly" GAINES and father of Sarah (and seven (7) other children) deserted the family after twenty-two (22) years of marriage. Sarah FINLEY is my 2nd great-grandmother.

Note that Samuel and his brother William both signed as PENNEBAKER in the marriage bond shown below.

Samuel and Sally

Source: FHL LDS Film number: 0191847, Mercer Co, KY, Marriage Records, Loose Papers, File #6, 1817-1819.

Green Ball Wyand P(aul) PENNEBAKER, Sr. (1820-1887)

Wyand P. and Mary Goodwin Pennebaker Wyand-JP yand P(aul) was born in Mercer Co, Kentucky on August 7, 1820 and moved with his parents to Wilson County, Tennessee, circa 1825, where he married first Mourning Maria JOHNSON (1819-1848) of Tennessee on November 12, 1838. Mourning Maria died one month after the death of her last child. The 1860 Tippah Census shows that Wyand was born in Tennessee, but this is in error in view of the 1820 Mercer Co, KY census. Their children were:

 John Finley (1839-1845),
 Edniss (1841-?),
 Samuel Wilson (1843-1924),
 Sarah Elizabeth (1845-1846),
 Mary (1847-1848).

When he was twenty-five years old, in 1845, Wyand P. and his family moved from Tennessee to Tippah County, Mississippi. Wyand P. married Mary (Mrs. James) WILLIAMSON (1825-1912), nee GOODWIN, on December 4, 1849. Mary had a daughter, Margaret Adeline WILLIAMSON (1845-1920). Wyand and Mary's children were:

 Elizabeth Jane (1850-1936), m. 1880, Joseph R. SMITH,
 Edwin Ruthfin (II) (1852-1942),
 Wyand P., Jr. (1854-1929),
 Sarah Ann (1856-1937), m. 1894, Andrew McBRYDE,
 Thomas Jefferson "Dr. Jeff" (1859-1946) twin,
 Martha Ellen (1859-1927), twin, m. 1880, Jerome P. MYERS,
 Alice Bland (1861-1922), never married,
 Mary Louise "Dollie" (1866-1944), m. 1890, John O. CALDWELL.

Wyand P. was always prominent in public affairs. For many years he was a Justice of the Peace and for two terms represented Tippah County in the State Legislature. He was Deputy Sheriff for a number of years and maintained farming interest. In 1881 he was a Senior Warden in Masonic Lodge 71, New Albany, MS.. He was one of the most influential factors in the organization of Union County which was formed July 7, 1870 from Tippah and Pontotoc Counties. His death occurred January 19, 1887 while a resident of Cotton Plant, Tippah/Union County, Mississippi. He is buried in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Tippah Co, MS, 1 mile east of Cotton Plant on Old Highway 15.

Green Ball Wyand P(aul) PENNEBAKER, Jr. (1854-1929)

Wyand P. Pennebaker, Jr. Wyand P. (II) Pennebaker yand P(aul), Jr. was born in Tippah County, MS on March 13, 1854 and died on January 30, 1929 and was buried in Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi, beside his daughter, Maggie. Wyand P. , Jr. held farming interest in the Cotton Plant community. He first married Marietta MARMON (1856-ca 1880) on November 13, 1873. Their children were:

 Joseph J. (1875-1945),
 Mary Emmaline (1877-1900), m. 1899, H. B. PATTERSON.

Wyand P. , Jr. second married  Annie Elizabeth SMITH (1866-1924) on January 4, 1887. Their children were:

 Marvin Roy (1888-1973),
 Infant Son (1891-1891) buried Forest Hill Cem., Petty, TX,
 Fred Edwin (1892-1974),
 Margaret Frances "Maggie" (1894-1924), m. Clifford GILES, 1918,
 Wilmer Paul (1907-1981).

Wyand and his families lived on his farm holdings at Cotton Plant in his earlier years and for some periods, after 1915, resided in nearby Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi. Annie Elizabeth SMITH died after a short illness on March 12, 1924 and Maggie died at age thirty of typhoid fever five months later on August 19, 1924. Maggie was survived by two children. Between March and August 1924 three members of Wyand's family died; his wife, Annie, his daughter, Maggie and his grandson, Charles Frederick. Annie Elizabeth SMITH's ancestry can be traced to three early Jamestowne, VA settlers; Nicholas SMITH (pre-1700), John FLUDD/FLOOD and Abraham PEIRSEY (each a Jamestowne Society Qualifying Ancestor.)

Wyand P. , Jr. third married Avie GIBSON KENT in 1927. Their only child was Hazel (1929- ).

Green Ball Fred Edwin PENNEBAKER (1892-1974)

Fred E. Pennebaker Fred E. Pennebaker Signature red Edwin was born on December 6, 1892 at Cotton Plant, Tippah/Union Co., MS, the red-haired son of Wyand P. (II) PENNEBAKER and Annie Elizabeth SMITH (2nd wife). Siblings were Marvin, Maggie, and Wilmer. He was a veteran of World War I (Registration). He married Katie E. McALEXANDER in 1928. Fred became a licensed land surveyor in Tennessee and Mississippi and was owner of a construction company in West Point, MS. Fred retired in 1962 at age seventy. He served as City of West Point Building Inspector for several years. Fred died of a heart attack January 9, 1974 in West Point, Clay County, Mississippi. He was 81 years, 1 month and 3 days old. He is buried in Hill Crest Cemetery, Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi. Fred was a Presbyterian.

Fred's picture, in 1918, was taken in New York City, NY on his way to France during World War I. He was hospitalized for several months in France with influenza and did not see any war action. A wooden flute, powder horn and pouch are items of Pennebaker family memorabilia that Fred had in his possession for many years.

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Blue Ball "Edwin Ruthfin PENNEBAKER, a Confederate soldier, who had been ordered home from Murfreesboro (Tennessee) by his commanding officer was captured one dark night, and in front of his pleading wife and children was dragged by drunken Negro Federals to the Lebanon Public Square and hanged there by his thumbs. He survived and later(1870-1873) served as Comptroller of Tennessee." Source is: Tennessee Historical Quarterly, vol. 29, Spring Issue, 1970, page 79-87. Return to prior position.

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