1773 - 1852
Based on census, land, tax and church records.

Year Peter (b.1747) Frederick (b.1753) William (b.1754) Wyand (b.1763)
1770-79 PA 1773 PA PA PA 1779
1780-89 Fort Boonesborough, KY, Jefferson Co, KY PA 1782 PA 1782, Jefferson Co, KY 1783 Nelson Co, KY 1783,1786,1790
1790-99 Nelson Co, KY 1793 Nelson Co, KY 1793, Bullitt Co, KY 1797 Nelson Co, KY 1793, Bullitt Co, KY 1797 Nelson Co, KY 1793, (Bullitt Co)
1800-09 Nelson Co, KY, died 1807 Bullitt Co, KY Bullitt & Mercer Counties, KY Mercer Co, KY 1803
1810-19   Bullitt Co, KY Harrison Co, Indiana Territory 1814 Breckenridge Co, KY 1810
1820-29   Bullitt Co, KY, died abt.1828 Harrison Co, IN died 1822 Grayson Co, KY 1820, Green Co, KY 1827-28
1830-39   NF NF Green Co, KY 1830, Hickman Co, KY 1831,1833-34
1840-49       Hickman Co, KY 1843
1850-59       Hickman Co, KY, died 1852
      • The Pennebaker brothers were born in Montgomery Co, PA.
      • Henry remained in Pennsylvania and retained the Pannebecker surname as have all his descendants.
      • Nelson County was created from Jefferson County in 1785 with Salt Creek as northern boundary.
      • Bullitt County was created from Jefferson and Nelson Counties on January 1, 1797 -
        Salt River included in Bullitt County.

How did they get there?

Trek South
Map from Early Emigrant Trails..., Marcus Winfield Lewis, 1933.

How did Weiant II/Wyand and his brothers get to the Kentucky frontier just south of present Louisville, KY. from Montgomery County, PA. in the 1790s? The above map shows exploration trails and roads during the period of their migration from Pennsylvania to the Kentucky frontier. The most widely used routes were the Great Valley Road and the Ohio River Route. The Great Valley Road/Wilderness Road, marked on above map with black circles, crossed the Applachian mountains through the Cumberland Cap and then moving up the Wilderness Road to the Nelson County, Kentucky. The Ohio River Route, which is marked with black squares, was overland from Pennsylvania to the Ohio River and the raft down the river to Louisville. We do not know which route the four Pennebaker brothers, Weiant, Peter, Frederick and William, took migrating to the Nelson/Bullitt Co, KY frontier during decade between 1780-1790. Based on travel distance per day for that period, the journey would have taken 4 to 6 weeks.

During the 1785-1795 decade the migration to the Kentucky/Ohio frontier was very dangerous using the Ohio River as Indian attacks were freguent and very savage. After 1795 the river became a safe manner of travel.

Cumberland Gap and Wilderness Road
Cumberland Gap Aerial Wilderness Road Cumberland Gap


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