Year Date Location Event
  1763  Jul 30   Up.Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA   Birth
  1779   Apr 2   Up.Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA   Confirmation, New Goshenhoppen Church
  1783   Dec 1     Obtained 400 acre grant in Nelson Co, KY
  1786     Up.Hanover, Montgomery Co, PA   Militia Rolls - 1786
  1787   Jan 2   Nelson Co, KY   Recorded land grant
  1788   Jan 27   Nelson Co, KY   Married Precious Ruby; son William born Nov 19
  1790   Jun 20   Nelson Co, KY   Tax List; daughter Ellen born Jun 20
  1792   Nov 28   Nelson Co, KY   Tax List
  1793   Jan 8   Nelson Co, KY   Sold 400 acre farm to Frederick; dau. Jane born Jun 3
  1796   May 20   Lincoln Co, KY   Son Samuel W. born May 20
  1798   Mar 29   Mercer Co, KY   Bought 100 acres from Henry Higgins; dau. Polly born Mar 29
  1800   Sep 9   KY   Daughter Mary Ann born Sep 9
  1802   Aug 24   KY   Daughter Elizabeth born Aug 24
  1805   Feb 09   KY   Son John born Feb 9
  1807   Mar 7   Mercer Co, KY   Deeds land to Nicholas Wycoff; daughter Nancy born May 1
  1808   Dec 1   Hardin Co, KY   Bought 400 acres from brother William
  1810   Apr 25   Breckinridge Co, KY   Federal Census; son Wyand, Jr. born Apr 25
  1820     Grayson Co, KY   Federal Census
  1827     Green Co, KY   Tax Rolls
  1828     Green Co, KY   Tax List
  1830     Green Co, KY   Federal Census, Tax List
  1833   Nov, Dec   Hickman Co, KY   Court Records
  1834   Jan   Hickman Co, KY   Court Records
  1834   Oct 31   Hickman Co, KY   Wife Precious died
  1840     Hickman Co, KY   Federal Census, in household of Wyan Pinebaker (Jr.)
  1843   Sep 26   Hickman Co, KY   Mortgages, W. Pennebaker,Jr to W. Pennebaker,Sr
  1850     Hickman Co, KY   Federal Census, in household of Wyame Pennybaker (Jr.)
  1850   Mar 29   Hickman Co, KY   Deeds property to grandchildren
  1852   Mar 7   Hickman Co, KY   Death, COD: Kidney stones (gravel)


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