Fishing Information
Fish Camp Spreadsheet
I'm linking the file in its excel format so that you can modify it to suit your own needs.

The column label "V" are sites I have visited and used to base my calculations on. Trail Name is the trail that is the
last leg to the campsite. Many of the sites require navigating one or more trails, and where possible I have included
the route in the Directions column. I used abbreviations that seemed obvious to me at the time. If you have any
questions shoot me an email and I can clarify. The Total Change in Elevation column is straightforward for many of
the trails but could be tweaked for some like the Little Bottoms and Hyatt Ridge, where you had to ascend and
descend over a ridge. You might want to double the elevation. Relative difficulty is based partly on total hike length
and partly on elevation change (regardless of direction). The total time is based on being able to hike around 3 miles
an hour with a small pack on flat ground (20 minutes/mile) and adding in about 10 minutes per mile/per 400 ft of
average gradient. Obviously you can play around with the calculations to fit your hiking speeds, etc.

Most of the sites have only one way to get there. A few have two routes, but one way is obviously easier than
another, so that was the one I would base the calculations off of. There are a few exceptions where I have listed the
easy route and the Kamikaze route! The easier hikes are sometimes a bit longer in length, but when figuring
gradient and distance the Kamikaze version is usually much harder, but I included both.

I tried to capture all of the campsites that looked like they were near fishable waters. Let me know if you have a
campsite that you think I missed. I have included only those sites that would likely be fishable. An example of one
that I omitted would be CS#16 on Rabbit Creek. It is a nice site along Rabbit Creek, but when I hiked over there last
summer I found nothing but Shiners in the stream (Smoky Mtn Cutthroats!), so I removed it from the list. There are
a couple like that. Take a look and let me know what you think. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
v2 - 3/26/08, now includes Kamikaze hikes!