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My mother remembers her grandmother, Emma Berlin Bailey, as a gentle soul who played the organ and loved to read the bible. She remembers her wearing an old fashioned bonnet while working in the garden. She was living with her family in Lenawee county, Michigan when she met and married Beman Bailey in 1882. She lived the rest of her life and raised her small family on isolated farms in the Alma, Gratiot County, MI area.

She had 3 children, losing one, Leon, as a toddler. The family story is that he was found with a half-eaten green worm in his hand. His portrait is displayed in the family portrait taken in front of their farmhouse. Because the family couldn’t afford a headstone, he was buried without one in a local cemetery. Some years later, Emma was devastated to find someone had erected a tombstone for someone else’s child at Leon’s grave. 

Emma and Beman’s children were:
Ina (20 Feb 1887 - 24 Jun 1864) married John Richards
    Leon between 1887 and 1894
    Blanch (24 May 1894 – 30 May 1972) married L. G. Stead.


BaileyGroup.JPG (128894 bytes)
Beman Bailey Family
Emma Berlin, lower right

The Berlin Emigrant Story

The Berlin family originated in Strasbourg, Alsace, France and emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1738. They had been stone masons in the Strasbourg area for centuries, although, George was a flax oil maker and farmer when he emigrated. Alsace is on the French-German border and is governed by France of Germany depending on the politics at the time.

In 1738, family legend states that the Catholic French king threatened Lutherans with death if they did not convert to Catholicism. So, they liquidated their assets and sailed the "Charming Nancy" to Philadelphia. The over-crowded ship took 14 weeks to make the crossing. Only 60 of 312 passengers survived the voyage. Among the casualties were the parents of our Berlin family, George and Anna Elisabetha. The three teen-aged boys arrived in Philadelphia as orphans.

When the boys arrived in Pennsylvania, they originally settled in the area that is now Hanover, PA. They were:

Johann Jacob (17 Dec 1717 Alsace, Fr – 7 Apr 1790 York, PA)
George Frederich (24 May 1720 Alsace, Fr – Mar 1759, York, PA)
Johann Abraham (10 Dec 1722 Alsace, Fr – 1790 PA)

The Family of Michael Berlin

Michael descends from Johann Jacob, of the three orphaned emigrant boys. He was born in Westmoreland Co, PA, 1 Feb 1808 and died 25 Aug 1891 in Lenawee County, MI.  He first married Mary Susan Eberhart in 1827 and had 7 children in Westmoreland Co, PA. She died with her last child in August, 1838.

Naomi Louisa (10 Apr 1830 – 3 Jul 1913)
Jacob Josiah (28 Nov 1831 – 4 Oct 1876)
Maria Ann (1834 - ?)
Paul (17 Jun 1836 – 18 Jan 1927) Civil War Veteran
Henry C (17 Jun 1836 – 19 Sep 1930) Civil War Veteran
Zacharias (22 May 1838 – Aug, 1838)

His second wife was Julia Ann Martin (b 3 mar 1822, Hagerstown, MD – 5 Aug 1900 Waldron, MI) She was the daughter of Jacob Martin (1794 MD - 1879 MI) and Elizabeth McClure (1796 MD - 1884, MI) They were married in Hagerstown, MD in 1839. The family moved west, buying government land near Carey, OH in 1852. In 1865, the family moved north to Lenawee County, MI.  Michael was a farmer and weaver of linen and wool.

Hiram Rueben (21 Nov 1840 – 4 Apr 1921) Civil War Veteran
Francis Marion (21 Jan 1842 – 28 Jan 1908) Civil War Veteran
Sophia Margaret (28 Sep 1843 - ?)
Martin Luther (31 Dec 1845 – 1908) Civil War Veteran
Abraham Silas (29 Jan 1847 – 28 Jun 1909)
Elizabeth Ann (7 Feb 1850 – 1877)
Catherine Jane (2 May 1851 - ?)
Amanda Maria (27 Jun 1853 – 28 Feb 1938)
Nettie Henrietta (18 Sep 1855 - ?)
Matthew Irwin (31 Oct 1858 – 1932)
Emma Rachel (1 Apr 1860 – 24 Mar 1955)
Alpheus Brinker (17 Jul 1862 – 1895)
Sedgewick (Mar 1865 - ?)
Sarah ‘"Sadie"( Mar 1865 - ?)

Please email me if you have any additional information on the Berlin, Martin or McClure family.

Joyce Phillips
Madison, WI