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Mattie Jane Burnett

My great grandmother, Mary "Mattie" Jane Burnett, was born 12 August 1865 in Brighton, MI and died of the flu after giving birth to L. G. Stead 6 Feb 1890 in Maple Rapids, MI.  She had 7 brothers and sisters all born in Michigan and listed below.  Her parents were Alfred and Susan Jane (Utter) Burnett.  They farmed in Fulton Township, Gratiot Co, MI.

Alfred Burnett was a son of Nelson and Jane (Forman) Burnett.  Nelson was born in Dutchess Co, NY in 1805 and died 26 Feb 1845 in Livingston Co, NY.  Nelson married Jane Forman (daughter of Daniel & Catherine Dates, born 16 May 1804) in Dutchess Co, NY on 23 Jan 1828.  They moved to Monroe Co, NY and  lived there 18 years and then moved to Livingston Co, NY where Nelson died.  They had 3 sons and 6 daughters.  The third son, Alfred, was born 25 June 1832 in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess Co, NY and moved to Monroe Co when he was 3 years old (1835).  When he was 21, he came to Oakland Co, MI and worked a farm on share one year.  He then lived in Livingston Co, MI, and bought 80 acres on section 29, Fulton twp, where he resided in 1884 when this account was written. ("Gratiot County Portrait and Biographical"). 

On 10 Dec 1854, Alfred Burnett  married Susan Jane Utter, daughter of Philander Theodore and Betsy (Wood) Utter, natives of Ontario Co., NY.  Betsy was the daughter of Gilbert Wood and he was the son of James Wood, the first settler in Reeds Corners, Gorham, Ontario, NY in 1789.  Susan was born in Hopewell Township, Ontario Co, NY,  16 May 1837.  Philander Utter is listed in the 1840 Gorham, Ontario, NY census and was born about 1800 in NY.   In 1884, four of Alfred's children were still living: Celia B., Mary J, Flora E and Marion A.

Susan Jane Utter

In the Gratiot County Portrait and Biographical, pub. 1884, Alfred is described as being an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church ever since his connection with the church, holding official relations for over 26 years. 

Alfred and Susan Jane (Utter) Burnett's Children

  • Adelbert N, (4 Nov 1855, Brighton, MI - 18 Apr 1872 Maple Rapids)
  • James E (15 Oct 1857, Hartland, MI - 7 Dec 1862, Hartland)
  • Celia B (17 June 1860, Hartland, MI - 3 May 1895, Maple Rapids)
  • Julia M (4 July 1862, Hartland, MI - 7 Nov 1863, Hartland)
  • Mary (Mattie) Jane (12 Aug 1865, Brighton, MI - 6 Feb 1890, Maple Rapids) married Arthur Stead
  • Addie E (25 Oct 1868, Brighton, MI - 12 Nov 1880, Maple Rapids)
  • Flora E (6 Feb 1874, Maple Rapids - 8 April 1955, Jackson, MI) married Arthur Butcher
  • Marion Alfred (10 Dec 1878, Maple Rapids - 1 Mar 1912, Sand Lake, ?) married Maude Thompson


Andrew Nelson Burnett was the son of Peter Burnett, a blacksmith, who was born 26 April 1767 and married Mary Strail (1762-1851) in 1789 at Claverack Dutch Church, Columbia Co, NY.  Peter served as a private in the 8th Albany Co, NY Militia.

Mary was the daughter of John Strail who was born in Holland in 1740 and Margaret DempsterJohn Strail served as a Corporal in the 3rd Regiment of Tryon Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War. They lived in the Schoharie area of New York which was the frontier during the war, suffering Indian and British raids.

Children of Peter and Mary Burnett:

  • Gilbert (21 Sep 1789 - 1847) m: Hannah
  • John Strail (? - 1828/9) m: Eliza
  • Margaret (ca 1790 - 1874) m: Daniel Ingram, Joseph Powell
  • Hannah (ca 1793 - 1877) m: Gilbert Masten
  • Elizabeth (5 Mar 1796 - ?) m: Charles Sloan, James Gibbs
  • James (7 Jan 1798 - ?) m: Jane Ingram
  • Rose Anna (1800- 1890) m: William Marsh
  • Andrew Nelson (1805 - 1845) m: Jane Forman on 17 Jan 1828
  • Maria (2 Feb 1813 - 12 Dec 1896) m: William Clawson, 28 Dec 1833

Peter Burnett Jr was the son of another Peter who was baptized 19 Nov 1730 in Dutchess Co, NY and later married Maria ___.  This Peter was the son of John Burnet who was baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in NYC in 1704 and married Elizabeth Taylor 24 Sept 1726 in Dutchess Co, NY.  


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