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John Millar, was born in Scotland about 1760 and emigrated to the  Rochester area of Monroe County, NY where all of his children were born and then moved his family to Macomb County, MI in the 1820s.  He was married to Mary Hanna, who was probably also from Scotland.  He died in Macomb, MI 17 April 1837 and is buried in the Millar Cady Corners Cemetery in Clinton township, Macomb Co., MI.  The Millar family donated an acre of farmland, long used as a family burial ground, to the local township as a cemetery in the 1880s. 

Per government land records, he purchased land in Macomb in 1826 while still a resident of Monroe county, NY.  John and Mary Millar had ten children:

  • James (1800 - 10 Oct 1849, Macomb, MI)
  • John (1804 - after 1880) married Laina.
  • Dykes (1806 - 1889 Macomb, MI) married Emma Harvey
    Children: Mary (1835), John (1838) James (1841) Robert Emmet (1842) Florence Belle (1852)
  • Mary (1808 - 1882 Mt Clemens, Macomb, MI) married Lemuel Millar Sackett 9 Mar 1827
    Children: Mary Frances (1828) Lemuel (1831) John James (1833) Martha C (1827) Robert Frances (1842) 
  • William H (1814 - 1898 Macomb, MI) never married.
  • Elizabeth (1816 Brighton, Monroe, NY - 1857 Clinton, Macomb, MI) married Henry Harrington, 1835-6
    Children: Elisha (1837) Henry (1842) John (1843) Charlotte (1849) Eliza (1853)
  • Jane (1818 Monroe, NY - 1861 Utica, Macomb, MI ) married Peter Osborne Ober  3 Jun 1838
    Children: Laura M (1842 - 1905) married Charles Stead
    Mary (1846) Jefferson M (1850 - 1907)
  • Robert (? - before 1852)
  • Ellen (? - 1849, Clinton, Macomb, MI)
  • Thomas Jefferson (?)

Jane Millar Ober

From "The History of Macomb" pub. 1882, p566. Clinton Section:

Dykes Millar, son of John, of Scotland  was born in Monroe Co, NY 12 Mar 1806 and came with his father to Macomb in 1831.  They located land on Sec 19, Clinton, on the south bank of the  river.  He encountered all the obstacles of the pioneer.  He built a log house in 1832, the walls of which are still standing ( in 1882).  In Jan, 1833, he married Miss Emma Harvey to whom 4 children were born, 3 are still living in 1882: John, James, Robert and daughter, Belle who died at age 24.  Mr. Millar was a major on General Stocktonís staff during the Toledo war and more recently has filled the quieter offices of Notary public and Highway commissioner. 

Robert, son of Dykes, was born 16 Aug 1842, Clinton, Macomb, MI.  He married Mary Shanley 22 Feb 1865 (dau of Shanley) and they had 9 children, among them were Emma, Edward, Mattie, Florence, Robert and Mary.
He was school director for several years.

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