Stanton and McNellis

Jane Forman Burnett (Andrew Nelson) was the daughter of Daniel Forman (1775-1861 Pleasant Valley, Dutchess, NY) and Catherine Dates (1785 New Hackensack, NJ - 1870 Dutchess, NY)  Catherine was descended from Palatine Germans as well as the old Dutch families of New York, Lassen, Rees, Waldron, Van Lent, Van Orden and so on.

Daniel was the son of John Forman (1723 Westchester, NY - 1804 North Castle, Westchester, NY) and Rhoda Brundage (1749 N.Castle, Westchester, NY). Rhoda is descended from Long Island families of Seaman, Greene, Allen and Brundage.  

John was the son of Jacob Forman (1700 Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY - after 1850 Westchester, NY) and Elizabeth Lang (1693 Swansea, Mass - 1770, Westchester, NY).  Jacob is descended from Robert Forman of Oyster Bay, Holland and England and the Long Island families of Townsend, Cole, Hawshurst and Newgate.

Elizabeth Lang is the daughter of  Esq Nicholas Lang and Anne Palmes.  Anne Palmes is the daughter of William Palmes of Ardfinnan, Munster, Ireland and Anne B. Humphrey.  William and Anne were residing at the Palmes estate in Ireland when he died in 1678 and Anne brought her children to the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts.  The Palmes family is descended from Geoffrey the Fair, King of England, Plantagenet.

Anne Humphrey is descended through her mother's family, the Pelhams, from Mary Boleyn, the sister of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (murdered by her husband, Henry VIII, King of England)  The Boleyn family is descended from Edward I, Plantagenet King of England.  Mary Boleyn was the mistress of King Henry VIII during the years she had her two children.  Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society consider her children royal bastards.  She was married by Henry to William Carey.  The Carey family is also descended from the kings of England (Edward III).  Mary Boleyn's daughter, Mary Catherine Carey Knowles, was at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and is buried in Westminster Abbey.  She and the queen were very close.




Naburn Hall, Palmes Family Seat

Mary Boleyn