The earliest records for members of the Porteous family in Peeblesshire date back to the early part of the fifteenth century.The earliest possible reference, according to Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh, is to a Guillaume Porteuse (later William Porteous), who arrived from Normandy c 1400 under the patronship of the wealthy Fraise family (later to become the Frasers). They had already settled in parts of lowland Scotland, having been granted lands by the King. The early meaning of the name Porteuse (from the French) was indeed possibly of 'courier' or 'messenger'. But in Scotland, they turned their hand to other trades. In the days when the glens and hamlets of Tweeddale and, later, Annandale were much more densely populated than today, they seem to have pursued various occupations - from millers and blacksmiths to ministers of religion. The home of early members of the Porteous family for many hundreds of years was Hawkshaw in Peeblesshire
The Porteous family today

Branches of the family having emigrated to all five continents, there is an active family research group which seeks to help family members seeking more information about their ancestors. The cairn at Hawkshaw has, over the years, become a place of pilgrimage for members of the Porteous family, and an international reunion was traditionally held at the nearby
Crook Inn, Tweedsmuir every five years, attracting visitors from all over the world. In September 2010 it is planned that the celebrations will be held nearby, as the inn has been sold and is temporarily unavailable.
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