Zehrung; Variation of German Surname Ziring. German (also Zähring): habitational name from a place called Zehring or nickname for someone who lived at the court of or had connections with the powerful dynasty of the Zähringers in southwestern Germany in the 17th century, whose surname is derived form this place.
A Zehrung Family History is an excellent history of this family name.

Books with Zehring Information:
"The descendants of Christian Zehrung and Johannes Zehrung, Jr" Zaring, Wilson, 1926-
Johannes Zehrung (1706-1773) was born in Germany and died in Pennsylvania. He married Anna Marie Crumm (1712-1742). They had six children. In 1744, Johannes married Anna Marie Uhr. The family immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1753. Johannes married Anna Elizabeth Lotz in 1760 in Pennsylvania. Traces the descendants of Johannes' and Anna Marie Uhr's son, Christian Zehring (1755-1832) of Warren County, Ohio, and Johannes' and Anna Elizabeth Lotz's son Johannes Zehrung, Jr. (d. 1821) of Pickaway County, Ohio. Descendants live in Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and elsewhere in the United States.

"The descendants of Heinrich Zehrung of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania" Wilson, 1926-
Johan Heinrich Zehrung (1737-1818), son of Johannes Zehrung and Anna Marie Crumm, was born in Ritzhausen, Germany. His birth is recorded with the records of the Evangelical Church of Bad Marienberg, Germany. He died in Swatara Twp., Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania. He married (1) Susanna Maria with whom he had nine children. He married (2) Elizabeth Lutz Wolfarth (1755-1831), widow of Michael Wolfarth (d. 1806). Descendants live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, Wyoming and elsewhere.

"The descendants of Johannes Zehrung Jr. of Pickaway County, Ohio" Wilson, 1926-
Johannes Zehrung Jr., son of Johannes Zehrung and Anna Elizabeth Lotz, was born 19 March 1758 in Buffalo, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania. He married Maria Barbara Beyer. They were the parents of eight children. In the early 1800s, they moved to Clear Creek township in Fairfield Co., Ohio where Johannes operated a tavern. Johannes died 2 September 1821 and Maria died 26 June 1811. Both are buried in Salt Creek, Pickaway Co., Ohio. Descendants lived primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere.

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