9th Generation (Great(6)-Grandchildren)

12-13 Christianns Zehrung son of Johann Sebastian "Bast" and Anna Marie (Lupp) Zehrung was born 1721 in Ritzhausen and died 19 October 1785 in Fehl. He married Anna Maria Schuerg She was born 11 January 1720 in Fehl and died 2 April 1774 in Fehl, daughter of Johann Toenges Schuerg and Anna Maria Ilisge.
Children of Christianns Zehrung and Anna Maria Schuerg:
11-25 i. Johann Heinrich Zehrung was born 10 January 1764 in Ritzhausen and died 13 January 1804 in Ritzhausen.

12-35 Johann Heinrich "Henry" Zehrung son of Johannes Ludwig and Anna Marie(Crumm)Zehrung was born 3 April 1737 in Marienburg, Beilstein township, Nassau-Dillenburg, now part of Germany and died 19 April 1819 in Jonestown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. He married Susanna Maria Elizabeth Lutz.  She was born About 1741.
Children of Johann Heinrich "Henry" Zehrung and Susanna Maria Elizabeth Lutz are:
i. Henry Zehring
ii. John Zehrung
iii. Jacob Zehrung
iv. Ludwig Zehrung

12-44 Anna Elizabeth Zehrung daughter of Johannes Ludwig and Anna Marie(Uhr) Zehrung was born 28 October 1749 in Ritzhausen, Hesse, Germany. She married John Leonard Kirstaetter 25 November 1766 in Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cleona, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  He was born 1747 and died 1790 in Mahanoy Twp, Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
Children of Anna Elizabeth Zehrung and John Leonard Kirstaetter are:
i. Susan Kirstaetter was born About 1769.
ii. Elizabeth Kirstaetter was born About 1773.
iii. Barbara Kirstaetter was born About 1789.
11-41 iv. John Kirstaetter was born 1767 and died 1847 in North Umberland County, Pennsylvania.
v. Henry Kirstaetter was born 1783
vi. Johann Georg Kirstaetter was born 3 May 1787
vii. Magdalene Kirstaetter was born 2 November 1782.

12-45 Phillip Zehring son of Johannes Ludwig and Anna Marie(Uhr) Zehrung was born About 1752 and died Before 13 May 1818 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He married Anna Catharina "Katherine" Zeller. She was born 31 March 1753 in Jackson Township, Lebanon, Pennsylvania and died Before 24 May 1837 in Oldham County, Kentucky, daughter of Johannes "John" David and Anna Maria (Becker)Zeller
Child of Phillip Zehring and Anna Catharina "Katherine" Zeller:
11-49 i. John Zaring or Zehrung was born 15 April 1775 in Pennsylvania or Jefferson County, Kentucky and died 1865 in Oldham County, Kentucky.

12-47 Christian Bernardt Zehrung son of Johannes Ludwig and Anna Marie(Uhr) Zehrung was born 5 October 1755 in Jonestown, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and died 8 June 1832 in Springboro, Warren, Ohio. He married Ann Christian Umberger 1776 in Pennsylvania. She was born About 1743 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania and died 3 August 1783 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, daughter of John Leonard Umberger and Barbara Borstin
Children of Christian Bernardt Zehrung and Ann Christian Umberger:
11-36 i. John Henry Zehrung was born 26 May 1777 in Pennsylvania and died 31 October 1821 in Ohio.
ii. Elizabeth Zehring was born 1781 and died 5 August 1831.
iii. Catherine Zehring was born 3 August 1783 and died 12 March 1856.
12-49 Johannes "John" Zehrung ,Jr. son of Johannes Ludwig and (Lotz) Zehrung was born 20 March 1760 in  Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and died 2 September 1821 in  Salt Creek Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. He married Marie Elizabeth Barbara Beyer 16 April 1782 in Stouchsburg, Berks, Pennsylvania. She was born 1 January 1761 in Bern or York, Berks, Pennsylvania and died 26 June 1811 in Salt Creek, Pickaway, Ohio, daughter of Johan Conrad Beyer and Anna Barbara.
Children of Johannes "John" Zehrung ,Jr. and Marie Elizabeth Barbara Beyer are:
i. Maria Catharine Zehrung was born 13 August 1783 in  Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Married Smith.
11-37 ii. Michael Zehrung was born About 1797 in Pennsylvania and died 1829 in Sandusky, Erie, Ohio.
11-40 iii. Sarah Zehrung was born About 1799 in Pennsylvania and died 15 June 1871 in Wells County, Indiana.
iv. John Zehrung, Jr. was born 30 October 1785 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
v. John Jacob Zehrung was born 13 March 1788 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.
11-45 vi. Johann Adam Zehrung was born 11 January 1791 in Lebanon Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and died 21 May 1859 in Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.
vii. Johann Peter Zehrung was born 22 June 1791 in Penn Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.
viii. Johann Henrich Zehrung was born 5 June 1795 in Buffalo, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

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